Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some acts of L,C&C…

Some acts of L,C&C…

As part of my 50 Acts of Love, Compassion and Connection days.


(Loved this grandfather carrying his uv umbrella and shading his granddaughter in the surf at Fort DeSoto last weekend)


Paying for the tolls for 4 cars behind us on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on the way to the beach.

Returning the shopping cart to the rack for a busy dad trying to load up his kids into the van.


Leaving sea shells with secret messages on the shore.


Sending Rock My World rocks to friends in need.


Taking time to visit, make art with,


and get to know old friendly acquaintances


(Toni, Lyle and I reconnect at after six years or so at their new home in Winter Garden, Florida)

and make them into good art tribe friends.


And the journey continues…

Big love to you, Beautiful Ones.

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patti said...

You're sensational Kim! X