Monday, May 2, 2016

The balancing act continued...

The filling up of my hand made journal continues.
My friend Fonda gave it to me and I find its size and variety of paper pages very inspiring! Thanks, lovely one!

Today's two page spread is split by another inserted page. 

This being is on the first page. 
Something about a balancing act is playing out...

And it continues on the second page. 
Kind of reflects my quest for balance these days. 
Hormones are a huge challenge, as this perimenopause/menopause transition takes place. I keep taking deep breaths, trying different remedies, telling myself I'm not really crazy, and getting lots of support from my women friends who have been through it before me. 

This too shall pass. 😉
And on the other side of the coin, life is pretty good right now. Soaking up the sweet moments of joy wherever I can.

Hope you're finding plenty of joyful moments too, Beautiful Ones!

Love and light! 

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How To Docter said...

You sweet heart are doing beautifully. This transistion is not for sissies but you are doing it with grace and thoughtfulness for what it means to you! xo