Thursday, April 13, 2017


This is what my spirit gathered for this morning's meditation altar.
Black unknown,
 precious owl from my friend Kim,
and woodpecker from the yard at my old house in New Hampshire.
Feathers are "like sensitive wands that can be used to gather the finest impression of vibrations around or within the body". (from a blog called accessingyourhigherself)
Feather help you gather energy and also project thoughts and intentions. They show you the path to inner flight.
Unencumbered by limiting beliefs, you can float or soar and become part of the Greater energy.
Smoky Quartz.
Grounding properties. Absorbs and transmutes negative energy. 
Heals mind and body, relieves pain.
Clears emotional and mental blockages. Creates balance.
Root Chakra. Grounding stone. Clears negative energy and harmful emotions.
Looks like I am well grounded yet ready for the inner flights to new, heart centered ways of being.
Balance, baby !

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Nadeja said...

Dear Kim,
I love the work you are doing/creating/living. You bring the love and peace that this planet so needs at this time. Healing for you, healing for everyone who knows you and also those who don't. You send out a message of love. Thank you so much. I am so happy for us.
Love you,