Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look Up !

"Look up !!" my Mom reminded me again today.
Do you have someone in your life that you trust so completely with your heart that you can tell them anything, really anything, and know you are safe ? I do.... How lucky am I, right ???? How lucky are we, really. My mom and I, that is. I like to call the relationship I have with my mom the Phoenix, you know born again out of the fire. We had our scary rough time, so long ago now really, but the place we are in now feels like we are among the pioneers on the mother/daughter relationship frontier. We are open and honest yet protective of each other. She teaches me, I teach her, I cheer her on, she cheers me on and yet there is always that underlying "Mommy... ?"" Yes, Baby ...?" cozy comforting thing that goes on the the background that is so essential and so very healing for us both ! Ah, Mommy, I love you very, very much...

This Tuesday's Three Beautiful Things are dedicated to my beautiful Mother, Nadeja, and all the love she brings to the world :
1. - a heart open to the possibilities

2. - all the weather vanes I noticed for the first time on Manchester roof tops when I looked up on my walk this morning ! I need to go back and do a photo shoot of them soon !

3. - the courage I found to look up today ! Hope you have it too... the view sure is nice !


Jennifer said...

Beautiful post! You always encourage me to love :-) I also love your soul armor image...really nice.

carolyn said...

Hi Kim~
What a great collage piece you did of your mom! She must love it.
I like your "3 beautiful things" posts too. A nice way to stop and appreciate simple beauty.

Carolyn :-)

Sherry said...

Looking up -- it's so important isn't it Kim? Think of all that we miss when we are looking down or straight ahead...I love this post, the vibrancy and the spirit and the love. I adore the collage you did of your mother...mother/daughter relationships can be some of the best. I miss my mother every day but always remember the wonderful relationship we had. And I still have one person I can share everything with and that's been a blessing in my life. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.


lovely collage and heartfelt post...thanks for visiting my blog...it is always fun to connect with other NH artists !!

Unknown said...

your comments are always so inspiring. Yes, look up.

Mary S. Hunt said...

I see something different every time I visit your lovely blog
congratulations on your own personal growth!
quiting smoking is no small accomplishment!
Thank you for visiting my sj pages...i am catching up soon, and it IS terrific "me" time for exploring all these fabulous techniques...most for which i have forgotten
Sarah is dragging everything out...
She is a terrific leader and I wager fabulous teacher!!
I am having so much fun making this fashion jewelry...i hope it IS a hit and sells good at the show coming up in another week. 15, 16, 17, river boat days...
i shall visit again soon!
happy creating
and what an adorable happy child in the picture above...their smile brought one to me

Anonymous said...

You are one special daughter! My heart sings with joy at your growth into such an incredible being. I know that the one who is in me, is also in you. Life guides us to be the best we can be and isn't it the most wonderful job on earth!!!Keep up the great work Kimmy.
I love you precious one.