Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meme Rhymes with Dream - Do you know this word ?

So I was visiting Leah at Creative Every Day today and I learned a new word. The word is "meme" as in "She found a meme on another blog and she created a post with her own replies." For a pretty clear definiton of a meme, you can check here. Apparantly you can pronounce it so it rhymes with "dream" or like it is the "mem" part or "memory". I think it should be pronounce "me, me!" because whenever I read a meme, I immediately want to respond to it. Hence, "Me, me !!"
Maybe not ...
Anyway, saw this meme on Leah's post and had to reply. Like Leah said, what is it about memes that just makes you want to respond to them ? Leah finds them calming... I think I feel a sense of belonging mingled with a sense of uniqueness... What is it about memes ...?

A Meme for Sunday, September 7, 2008

Song you love : "Teach Your Children" by America

Word you love : "Smooch" feels like it sounds...

Academic Subject you love : Psychology

Hobby that you love : Flea Market Shopping

Type of baked good that you love : a French baguette (savory) or oatmeal with raisins (sweet)

Type of sky you love : A sunset over the ocean, a sunrise at Lac Bibitte, a starry sky at Lac Bibitte

A Beverage that you love : cappucino

A Vacation that you love : A beach lounging vacation in Mexico with a bit of sightseeing thrown in

A Restaurant that you love : the Chinese place with periwinkles in Montreal's Chinatown

A way of getting around that you love : walking or canoeing

A Person that you love : My Man

A room in your home (or your ideal home) that you love : The bedroom in both

A movie that you love : The Princess Bride

A book that you love : "Succulent Wild Women" by Sark

A city that you love : Montreal

A future plan that you love : moving from our house into a condo, less house , more travel

A form of communication you love : Touching

A junk food you love : Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bars

Happy Sunday !


Jennifer said...

I know/knew nothing about "meme", LOL! I love your image with you in a crown! So wonderful. I too have been in a blue period. So excited for the change of fall, but then a sadness for losing summer, all mixed with other stuff. i hope you blues did move, bless you for finding a creative voice in the midst of it. I love the piece...brave in sadness brave in love. Yes!!!

Lisa Rivas said...

You should create now "a meme" about BLUE. Enjoyed reading all this...

Blue is serenity, calming and enhances perception!
And so it blew the blues away :)

kazumiwannabe said...

The piece you created here is fabulous! I didn't know how to pronounce "meme" (I prononced it with french accents and it sounded like mémé, an old grandmother...), so thank you for the explanation!