Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Queen Says "Thanks !"

Today is a day that has some pretty severe sadness attached to it, doesn't it ? Thinking about the loss and sadness that so many people face every September 11th really, really makes me thankful for the good things I have in my life everyday.

One thing that really rings through today is how wonderful my Blog Community is and how much I appreciate the connections I have made even if they are only "virtual", whatever that means ! Virtual in terms of the means of communication but so real and heartfelt in terms of it's effects. Yesterday, I sent out a distress signal, posting about my "stuckness". This morning I was greeted by wonderful love, support, understanding, empathy, and a good dose of humor thrown in from my blog friends. For this added love in my life, I am truly grateful.

I am grateful too, to my "real" world friends and family who show me everyday what life and love are really about. Today, I am celebrating all of you and the special and extremely dear relationships we have.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you !


Joy Logan said...

Kim,how sweet of you to leave a caring message on my blog. It's funny how even on line we reach out to others with feelings. I think your journal pages are wonderful,and I plan to look around here more very soon. I've had a few bad weeks and my body reacts like an aftershock at times,too thin skinned I know.

Jennifer said...

Hey! I'm sorry I missed your stuckness blog...I want ot add to the love :-) Thanks for stopping by to visit me too. Makes my day to feel I"m not just talking to myself, LOL!

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see a cheerful image on a dark day. Your use of color, imagery and composition are really wonderful.

It's hard to address the "stuckness" question without sounding a bit "out there." If you don't mind some philosophical pondering, I will confess that for me getting stuck happens when there is no communication between my inner and outer lives. When I forget to stay in the present, show up and as eb says, listen. When I live too much inside my head. When I start believing that time is real and forget that all we have is this moment.

I could suggest a pile of books that might inspire you, but I think that you're doing the best things possible. Sharing with friends and working it out with art. In the meantime, why not take your bananas over to Inspire Me Thursday and add them to the "yellow" prompt. Maybe they just want to get out of the house for awhile.

Here's to feeling better. And remember, we have a glorious New England autumn for which to look forward!

arlene said...

It's a great soul that can be thankful in less than ideal times. It's so inspiring that you are focusing outward...and making beautiful art that shows how full of life and love and creativity you are!
xo arlene