Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ladies Do Lunch and Give A Little Bit

(Friends Journal page - 2008)

So today I went for a "ladies do lunch" get-together with my pal Lois. Don't you love doing that ? Making a plan for girlfriend time. Doing something you both love (in this case book browsing at Barnes and Noble) and then going to a yummy restaurant and having lunch and a glass of wine, all the while blabbing, and blabbing and blabbing.... Man, did I need that ! Lois and I know each other really well. We also both like to laugh at ourselves and make light of the hard stuff whenever we can. This is safe to do when you know the other person really "gets" you. Today was full of lots of belly laughs as we compared war wounds and neuro-sees, and also many gentle "I get you" nods and looks passing between us. It is just so very healing to know you have a friend who truly empathizes with you !

I seem to be celebrating friends a lot this week. That is a good thing ! Women, what would we do without our gal pals ? Here's to all the great, loving, wild woman, courageous warrior, Earth Mother, genuine, effort making, fun and funny women in my world ! I couldn't make it through without you !

Have you told your girlfriend you love and appreciate her recently ? I hope so !

On a totally different topic, I did a little gift giving today on my excursion. I brought some quickly made bookmarks along with me on my excursion to B & N. I thought about bringing Rock My World rocks, but then I thought how fun it would be to buy a book and find a message from the universe (and the Queen of Arts) inside ! Bookmarks don't make bulges in the books ! ;-)

(quickly made book marks)

I made the bookmarks from scraps of scrapbook paper - no great works of art here ! I thought about making them only about half an hour before leaving this morning. I think I will make myself a nicer, more arty batch for my next book browsing time using the Queen of Arts stamps I carved. Anyway, I plopped 10 of them in my purse before I left home and then stuck them in random books throughout the store as Lois and I browsed.

There is something so fun in leaving little messages of care for unknown people to find! I really love it, as anyone who reads my blog knows ! Harmless, doesn't damage goods in any way and I know it must make the day of anyone who find such a treasure along the way ! There is really truth to that "It is better to give than to receive" thing. Don't get me wrong - I love the gifties I receive too ! But giving out little extra bits of love fills my heart in a really special way... it kind of feels like my purpose here in this beautiful world, I guess...

Anyway, I encourage you to give a little bit whenever you have a chance to, because believe me, it will come back to you tenfold before you know it !

Happy Tuesday, and tell a friend you heart them, will ya !


Anonymous said...

When I was in high school my best friend and I left all sorts of messages in the books at the local library! Just silly jokes and such, but I often wonder who found them and what they thought!

Colleen in NH said...

What a fun idea! Ijust may do that at Borders this week

Anonymous said...

Here's to you woman/girl/daughter/friend!!!
I am so glad you had a good day!
Love you,

kathy mccreedy said...

You are SO cute, Kim... hugs are always intended! xoxo

Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful girls day out, Kim. And I love your bookmark idea. Genius!

Anonymous said...

well Supertramp takes me back... being 16years old at their crime of the century concert... and totally ..er.. stoned!

iHanna said...

I'm reading back on your recent posts and thought I'd leave a comment so you know I DO visit and read sometimes. You're on a roll baby! And your blog is THE happy place to visit. Thanks! :-)