Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Walking...

(Keep Walking - Journal Page March 29, 2009 - click to enlarge)

So that Rumi poem from my post the other day had such an impact on my world in so many ways. The words resonate with me so strongly right now and obviously with some others in my life too. Some of the comments I got and the connections I made with a few friends all because of that post blew me away !

So here a question for you. How do the non-bloggers in your life react when you talk about things that happen to you in Blogland or even the fact that you have a blog?

I still find myself a little sheepish when I describe how much time and effort I put into my Blogland life and also how much I get out of it. But I want to change this. This blog and my relationships with many of my fellow bloggers have brought me so much !

Where else in your life do you get told in clear, concise messages that you have truly touched someone or connected to them on a soul level ? It happens sometimes with close friends or loved ones, but certainly it is not as common as it has for me in my blogging experiences !

As I take some time to celebrate what I have accomplished in my world rather that focusing on what still needs fixing, I am celebrating my friends in Blogland today. We are a brave, open, supportive, creative and special bunch of people ! And the comfort, understanding, encouragement, compassion and love that we put into the world has a significance and an importance that we probably can't even imagine !

Here's to Us, Bloggers ! Long may we Blog !

Much love on this Monday !

A little Neil to top off the celebration !


Anonymous said...

It's kind of like having an invisible friend..non bloggers nod politely when you talk about virtual adventures.

But then all my close mates read my blog, they just don't comment, but prefer to text me, as we see each other lots. Maybe they prefer staying "real".

Sherry said...

My best friend was reading blogs long before I knew what they were and she encouraged me to start one. My husband has no opinion; my sons tease me about it and we joke about it but they also recognize the creative side to it and how it's a perfect fit for me.

I know of two people I know IRL who read my blog (even though they've never told me directly) and others who know me aren't surprised or dismissive. They recognize my need to be creative, to write, to talk, to think, to journal, to share experiences of what has happened to me in my life, what I am experiencing and where that might take me...and others who are along on the journey. I think I give them something to think about as well.

DMG said...

OMG! I cannot believe Neil is at your place, He is my main rock and roll man. I just KNEW we were kindred spirits. I bet I have seen him (or CSNY) in concert 10 times and "Heart of Gold" is still my favorite song.)

I have dear friends, and I have dear blog friends, and the ones who don't blog just don't get it: the psychic connection. I think my husband gets it, surprisingly (he's an ACCOUNTANT), but he knows me and everything that happens to me and pretty much every thought I have.

Thank you for making my yesterday a better one. Knowing you were there, albeit WAY up there, was oddly comforting.


P.S. Oh, and don't think because you are geographically closer to Neil that you have the better claim. I'm just saying...

Kate Robertson said...

I don't think my non-blogging friends understand. They think I am a little strange and perhaps I am so I think its a good thing. Also have friends who read and never comment. My sister reads once in awhile and never comments either. Did you see Renee's blog ( it being like the Salons in Paris where artists and writers would get together to discuss life. Blogging is like that we just are not in the same room. I am so glad to have met you. A real treat is to actually meet people you have met blogging. I have done that twice and it is wonderful. Perhaps we'll meet someday too.


LaurieStar said...

Hey Kim - don't know if you remember me - we did that show together in Manchester at TPS. Anyway - just wanted to check in with you. I think of you every time I use my butterfly fridge magnets! And then I read your post - I devote a lot of time online too and have made so many great friends through it. Many of my "real" friends get it because they blog too. But where else would I find all these other crafty girls? I love it. Great post.

Jennifer said...

You know, I mention blogland every now and then, but I find that a lot of poeple I know don't get it...They see it as my world. Then again, I don't know how well those people get me. Not that they don't love me, but I often wonder what picture of me they have in their heads, LOL! My husband sort of gets least he respects it and I appreciate that.

Anyhow, I love your writing and that journal page is genious as usual. I will keep walking and keep blogging. I think blogland is such a beautiful place and you definitely make it a happy and inspired one for me :)

Big, giant, squishy hugs!