Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wait to Worry...

So I watched this video on Jamie Ridler's blog this morning. It was 5 minutes and 32 seconds that I so needed today and I encourage you to take the time to watch it and enjoy its message...

After you finish reading my blog, of course ! ;)

I woke up feeling very challenged this morning.

Some "challenges" have appeared on the horizon for David and me. Challenges that normally send me into a flurry of all consumming WORRY. I woke up thinking "This sucks !!!" as the worry about what might happen, what we might have to do, what we might go though, threatened to completely take over.

Then from somewhere inside, I heard a voice.

The voice said "If you worry about it, will it change the outcome ?"

That made me pause for a second.

The answer is "No." of course.

But worrying is a pattern for me, an ingrained pattern that I have lived with all my life. Have a challenge, first thing you do is worry about it.

Second thing, make a plan of action based on that worry, and then worry about the plan of action...


"So what happens if you don't worry ? " that voice then said. there is a CHALLENGE !

If you don't worry, you could just live this day doing what needs to be done today, enjoy it as much as possible and not waste precious time in your head worrying about what may happen tomorrow.

If you don't worry, when the time comes for action, you can take the action but you won't have wasted your time waiting, or worrying, but instead be open for possible solutions.

Life is still going to happen, whether you worry about it or not.

Did I ask for these challenges ? No.

Did I do something to deserve these challenges ? No.

Are these challenges really something that will destroy my life ? Only if I let them.

If the worse case scenario happened, the things I am the most worried about came to pass, would it destroy me or David or kill us ? No. It would kind of suck big time, but no...

Then I got up out of bed.

I pushed the worry stuff away as best I could.

Then, over coffee, I watched the video above.

The main message is

"This is a Good Day"

"This is the only Day."

"Let's be grateful for for this very moment."

If I can do this to the best of my abilities, today, right now, I am rising to the challenge !

So instead of worrying,

I am going to be present today.

I am going to live my life this day.

I am going to celebrate the gift that was given to me as soon as I opened my eyes this morning.

Today is going to be





Anonymous said...

I read, somewhere, that worry is like a rocking chair...lots of motion but you get nowhere! Easier said than done. I inherited, from my mom, a tendancy to worry, to fret, to think the worst. It can consume me if I'm not careful. So, I'm working at it, and it's getting better bit by bit. You're an incredibaly awesome and strong woman, Kim, and as you wrote, this will NOT consume you and David. I send you prayers, hugs, and love, good friend.

Snap said...

Easy to worry -- we all do it. Much harder to live in the moment. I keep thinking I'll post this one day as words of wisdom .. here it is for you, dear one. ...

The wise people establish themselves in the present moment and they practice living deeply in the present moment. That is our practice. By living deeply in the present moment we can understand the past better and we can prepare for a better future. 
 ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Sherry said...

Well amen!! Worry comes naturally to all of us and there are parts of worrying that are a good thing. If we didn't worry about things to some degree we wouldn't be able to "move", to plan or to approach and face a challenge. That said, once the initial worry is over, you are right -- the worrying won't change anything only make you older, faster!!!! I'm so happy to read your wise wisdom today...let go and let God some would say. Whatever challenges you and David are facing or could be facing, you will be together and support one another with strength and determination. Challenges come in many forms, change happens even when we don't welcome it. It is what we do with all of that, that makes the difference and really matters.

Sending you love and support my royal one!! ♥

deb did it said...

Dear Kim, the video is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have shed the coat of worry, and are truly enjoying purely and entirely this moment, right now. My day is FABULOUS! as I have little pieces of your wonderfulness all around me, got your Heart Rocks and I LOVE THEM. You are so special. HUG YOURSELF.

jgr said...

What a good reminder to us all. Worry is just wasted effort. Easy to say but sometimes hard to remember. I am sending good energy to you and David along with prayers.

Unknown said...

Dear Kim...
I haven't even watched the video yet because I'm thinking that as I was reading I was saying to myself "Oh no, Kim...don't create energy around something the things that you don't want to happen...and then I saw your artwork and I see that you get it too....Energy is like a magnet! You can create the life you want....celebrate the life you want to live, girl! Give no energy to the things you don't want!! I'm going to watch the video..


beth said...

that little worry wart often sits on my shoulder too and can be so stubborn !

sometimes I flick and flick and it still doesn't budge !

but funny, like you said, when I ignore tends to get bored and goes least for a little bit !

thinking of you !

Janet said...

What an amazingly beautiful post. Worry is wasted energy. We all do it but it never really solves anything. I love how you wrote about it....I hope you had a great day!

Kate Robertson said...


Its 11.27 pm and I wish I had seen the video this morning. It really puts things in perspective, thanks for sharing it. We all know worry is wasted energy but it is so hard not to do it. Smart of you to try an not let your situation take you over.



patti said...

Ditto to everyone else's comments... There is no point being scared by the phantom of tomorrow. Choose the moment that you wish to have now.

I am certain that you and David will meet any challenges head on when they happen, with all the energy that you have saved by not worrying :) And it will be alright!

I love the video Kim, it has magnified my gratefulness today.

FAQ said...

I do that too...waste a lot of time on worry...time that could be spent in happier ways...very good my grandma used to say "It will all come out in the wash". Hang in there girlie. Afterall, you are QUEEN! Our Kingdom needs your leadership and wise insights.

Karin Bartimole said...

Beautifully said and such a powerfully good message - thank you for taking us through your process. you combat worry with your
Wisdom, of which you have an abundance :)
Optimism, which you share with us
Reason, rather than reaction - I love that!!
Radiance, you shine girl, through it all you shine!
Your-Self - the whole of YOU, which is consistently shared with us, as you show us how you choose grace and generosity in the face of hardship.
I applaud you! xox Karin

Kat's Custom Kreations said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing that fabulously beautiful post with us all! It has brought me to tears! I have posted it on my Facebook and hope that exponential others are blessed by your taking a few moments to share your thoughts and situation. You just never know when something you are going through will shine a light onto someone elses situation and together we can all triumph! Maybe a little worn around the edges, but with more dignity and character than when we began our journey! Blessings to you!