Sunday, August 16, 2009

Enjoying the Scenery...

“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.”

Had a fine trip to Montreal last week.

The drive was lovely. Chica and I traveled at a good pace but still took time to watch the pretty as we traveled. Dropped off some Rock My World rocks at a few rest areas. Played ball in a vacant farmer's field.

Made it to our usual little border crossing in Cantic, Quebec by around 4:00 pm Sunday.

Unfortunately so did a long line of Canadians who had spent the weekend in the US.

The wait was about 45 minutes.

I started to get uptight about the glitch in my time table...

My mom was waiting for me for supper and I was still over an hour away from the city.

Then I thought about my goal of the day.

To be present on the journey.

So I took out the camera and played for a while.

These shots are all taken from outside my car windows.

So cool to be mindful enough to look out for beauty all around you

just waiting to be captured...

Arrived a little late to my mom's but one of the best thing about

my Mom/Guru/Friend

is that she sooooo gets

how life is sweeter when we learn to

go with the flow...

Monday, I head to Suzanne's house.

We hung out.

She did stained glass

while I worked on a gift she wanted me to make for some friends of hers.

The slates come from my one hundred year old roof we had removed a couple of years ago.

The title "Domaine du Marais" means Domaine of the Wetlands.

Her friends have herons that visit daily at their lakeside home.

I was happy with how my couple turned out !

Suzanne bought her very own, very first house last summer.

She is thrilled to have her very own little space to get her hands muddy
and pick and primp her garden beauties...

She bought this sweet creature when she visited me a few weeks back.

I told her it reminds me of me.

The frog's name is "Neenee".

That is what 1 1/2 yeard old Katie calls me.

Suzanne thought it worked for the frog.

Not sure I am flattered...

Here's my little self portrait piece

Notice the blue toe nail polish - funky, eh?

It was nice to be with my pal. The best part is how good it feels to work on something side by side and in perfect harmony. Suzie is great at cheering me on and for that I am always grateful.

Feels very quiet in Blogland...

Taking the last breaths of summer in deep before the storm of activity in September maybe ?

David and I are heading to the beach now to do the same...

Happy to be home. Enjoy your Sunday, lovely ones.


Julie said...

What a great in the moment. Be in the in the moment...awesome.

arlene said...

Kim, your photos are beautiful! Quiet in blogland? Dead quiet here, but lots of music in my life. I'm working on your journal in the Art Barn today. It's such a wonderful way to spend a day...laying down paint, pages, glue and loveing intentions.
love and hugs,

deb did it said...

ahhh, daisies are my favorite flower....and blue toes too! ENJOY all your beautiful moments! you sure seem to know how to do it!

LoLa said...

This post made me feel good. : )

beth said...

being present....good for you !

and as my hubby always says..."see, and the world didn't fall off its axis or the sky didn't fall"

when something doesn't go just the way I planned it!

and your painting on the slate....WOW WOW WOW !

beth said...

ps...yes, it is quiet in blogland !

Snap said...

Welcome home! Great post ... slow down and smell/notice/see the flowers/pretty/nature! Wonderful, wonderful! JOY!

Dawn said...

Kim, I just savoured your photography (and thoughts!) in your "Enjoying the Scenery..." post. I especially loved the colour and composition of the "posted" close up. That would make a perfect photo to enlarge, matt and frame. Think about it! Also the USA/Canada sign is priceless. Such grandeur, eh? Reminds me of the days now long gone, when it was easy peasy to cross the border.

Janet said...

You got some great shots while you were waiting, and I love the heron piece you did. Gorgeous!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

It looks like a lovely trip. The pictures are spectacular and bright and wonderful. The painting you created is gorgeous!

There's a little award for you over at my place . . .

3rdEyeMuse said...

the pictures you took from the car window are really lovely ... love the pink flowers with the aged post. it does sound like a good trip ... and to think your friends friends get a little piece of that goodness - the slate piece is really wonderful.