Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Lucky, Lucky Queen and Hope For Everyone

I am so lucky.

Last week, I had a few days

where the only things on my to do list

was go Christmas shopping and run a few other errands.

Why lucky you say ?

Well, I had some money to buy some little gifties for some people I love...

And this year, it was even money that I earned doing something I loved doing...

Sharing my art and my heart...

I also had the TIME.

You see, I don't work full time,

I don't have kids,


the house was clean

as I had done such a great job of it the week before when the Squamies were coming.

So I was able to get a whole lot of the have-to's of Christmas done last week,

which meant that as of Friday evening,

I was lucky enough to have a lot of time to play !

On Friday, David and I went to our friends Lois and Mike's house

for dinner, some cocktails

and games.

We laughed and played a fun drawing game called "Who, What Where".

A really, really fun evening with really good people.

And then yesterday,

while most of the world was a-hustling and a-bustling,

we spent our day in sweats,

and just hanging out.

That meant time for sweet, cozy napping in the afternoon

with all 5 of us in the bed,

and best of all,

time to play !!!

Time to create this two page spread in my art journal,

inspired by Judy Wise, artist of my Heart,

who showed magnificent pages from her own journals on her blog today,

reminding me that "A life isn't fully lived until it's been digested in the journal"

just as her friend reminded her.

Yes, my beautiful Friends, I am one lucky, lucky woman...

and I really know it too.

Not only did I have a perfect weekend up until this morning,

but something I witnessed on another friend's blog in the early morning

as David and the furry kids still doze,

made eyes fill with tears and my heart fill with gratitude even more.

I was also filled

with HOPE for all of us,

and a great reminder as the year draws to a close

of the words that have brought me to where I am right this minute...

"Love is the answer.", my beautiful Ones.

Let it fill you up too...

Happy Sunday and thank you, Connie !


Kim said...

Time, time, time. The thing I most yearn for. Yes you are lucky! But it's earned luck, not just lucky luck, well maybe a bit of lucky luck too! A day is sweats is my favorite kind of day!

Anonymous said...

Love that spread. Glad you are finding time to just chill - figuratively and literally too!

Have a happy Sunday you and David too.


Sherry said...

Is it really luck? Or is it being blessed? I opt for the latter. I think this sums up what you know about life...what takes priority. And you also realize how blessed you are in this big world, in so many ways large and small and you recognize and give thanks for them.

Play time? It may be to some extent...I think it is also necessary living time. Without that we are not really "whole".

Beautiful post from a beautiful soul. Enjoy these last few hours of this weekend ♥

LuLu Kellogg said...

Kim, I just love reading your Blog because you write from your heart just like Sherry does :)

Happy Holidays,

Snap said...


Paula said...

Good morning, friend! This was a treat for my eyes and my heart. Thank you!

Cheryl Connell said...

Wonderful! I love the color - I think I might have to steeeaaal it. :)


beth said...

I'm grabbing a kleenex right now as I know this video will make me cry....

and yes, you are blessed in so many ways....and I am blessed having you in my blogging life...

until we meet in REAL life....squishy hugs to you !

gretchen said...

What a treasure this blog post is- what a treasure YOU are! (& still treasuring our day together last weekend!)
hugs & xoxo

Karin Bartimole said...

What a joyful beautiful happiest of posts from the inspiring beautiful YOU, Kim!! thanks for spreading the hugs and love! xox

Judy Wise said...

This was the most beautiful post, Kim. Your pages are gorgeous and my DH came and watched the video; it really made us happy to see the hugger and his hugees. mmmm, I love hugging. xo

Unknown said...

Ah the power of HUGGING. It can move mountains.
Love all the green in here, it is so cosy!

Sueann said...

Hugs can truly make the world go around!! Loved the video! Thanks for the link! Wonderful post!!
You are richly blessed and I am too!
Merry Christmas
Big ole hugs!!

Jill said...

Wow! Beautiful! Sending hugs to you. Enjoy the time you have. Merry Christmas!

Seth said...

Beautiful pages and a beautiful post to match!

patti said...

Luvlee journal pages Kim - you are so-o inspiring! It is midnight here in Aus and I cannot sleep - think I'll pull out my journal!

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! What a fabulous week! Those are the times to hang on to, definitely! And snuggle naps with the whole family - furry friends included - are the best! Hope you and yours have a tremendous holiday season! :-)

Kate Robertson said...


Those are some lovely pages. I want to to do journal pages again. i miss them. I seem to be stuck right now. Either I don't feel like doing art and when I do I seem so caught up in making good art that i can't let it flow. I know it will come back but it is frustrating in the meantime. I will live vicariously through your pages for now.