Monday, March 15, 2010

Vamonos a la Shopping !

So I have been settling my heart back into home.

David and I had a cozy reconnecting weekend, which feels just lovely.

I have to say that one of the many things I love about my husband his how he always encourages me to use the wings of my heart to fly and then provides the perfect space to land back home again...

This is the little giftie I got him in Playa Del Carmen to thank him for that.

And this is my own tin & mirror one to remind myself to use those wings too.

So hearts and wings were kind of the theme of my shopping trip to Playa Del Carmen with Nathalie and Suzanne during our trip.

We awoke to a cloudy day which was perfect for shopping. We took the 230 peso(20.00US)/30 minute taxi trip to the town from the hotel.

Playa Del Carmen is definitely geared to the tourist trade and the shopping on the 5th Avenue definitely is as well.

I ended up falling in love with this purse in our first shop!

I was happy to bring it home with me as my new spring bag - keeping the bright colors of Mexico with me as we go through the grey and blah of this spring rainy time...

While a lot of the prices and the tourist trap shops had us doing a lot more window shopping and looking than real spending, I loved the sights in this Mexican town.

This art was above the store where I bought my purse.

I got some good shots of the mannequin angel that I want to play with and add to my collage images.

There were some shops with some amazing art in them but most were way out of my price range. So fun too look at though...

How about $1000.00 US for Converse sneakers - hand painted by an amazing Mexican artist ?

Too beautiful to play hoops in, I think!!!

So while I only spent money on a few little trinkets for myself and for David, I did so enjoy photographing all around me in the Playa Del Carmen streets.

As my momma always tells me, it sure does pay to look up...

(A little Buddha Zen thrown in for good measure I guess?)

A shot for those who know how much I love frogs - NOT!

True window shopping - see me in the reflection ?

Aren't these chairs in a restaurant that was closed down amazing ?

I actually topped off my shopping at the Cancun airport before we left, and that is where I got my cool Frida and Day of the Dead skeleton cards and my sweet funny clay mermaid. The little tin hand which you can actually slip a picture in behind the glass heart was another 5th Avenue find.

It was a fun day checking things out in the town. I would have like to have found a little more arty nooks but we were kind of limited with time, energy and knowledge that day.

It is all good because the things I did get make the perfect souvenirs for me !

So my lovelies...
I am itching to get back to some art making. I was so inspired by the colors and feelings in Mexico. I am hoping to get a lot of that out on paper in the next week or so. I did not do much art journaling during the trip. There were no tables on the beach where I could set up and that was definitely where I wanted to be !
So if you are wondering why I am a little quiet around here, know that I am happily playing around in the studio,
remembering sun and sand and turquoise water...
Have a great Monday, Lovely Ones...


Sherry said...

Lovely shopping...great finds!! I'm loving the Frida and the photography of the shops, the surroundings and some of the tres expensive art!!

How could you resist playing now that you are home...just looking at your bag every day will take your creative self to new heights with fond memories of a little tequila sunrise!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had good shopping fun.
Bag is fab as are your art purchases.
Colors or Mexico are so wild and wonderful, you will have fun playing I know.

lynne h said...

oh, kim! i can just imagine you're itching to make some art after all that color inspiration! i think i'd be about ready to pop!

looking at those converse makes me think i'll keep my eyes open for a pair of used ones that i can paint. wow, it'd be so simple...

love your frida and DOD cards.

beautiful week, sweet one...


beth said...

I love the heart and wing combo....and the meaning behind it SO MUCH !

and me too...playing in the studio a bit lucky are we to get to do that ?

jgr said...

Great shopping Kim, I love your new Spring bag. Spring . . . and warmth . . . . soon-very soon!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing post!!!
Good job!
Love you so much

Kate Robertson said...


What wonderful things you managed to pick up. I love that bag you got, what great colors. I can't wait to see how inspired your art becomes from the trip.

deb did it said...

uh oh...YOU HAVE BEEN SPAMMED by the above commenter.....anyway Kim....I can feel the joy and color reading this post! You are so adorable.....I love the love you have for your David. Isn't Mexico intoxicating? Can you see why I had to become a resident, and no longer be a tourist on vacation? It was one of the best portions of my life when I lived In Isla Mujeres! Now carry on and may your wings be filled with new color and life as you fly into the next creative season!!

martha brown said...

I just love hearts with wings..... and that new spring bag is fabulous!!! I'm going to be making my new spring bag this week, I think......

Julie Prichard said...

Great treasures, Kim...I LOVE Your spring purse...that is fabulous!

Sueann said...

That spring purse is gorgeous! And it looks terrific on you too! I have never been to Mexico! Planning on it soon. Love your treasures; esp. that tin heart.

DMG said...

Love the hearts
Love the purse
Love the chairs
Love the angel mannequin
Love the Frida
Love the DOD cards
LOVE LOVE LOVE the handpainted Converse tennis shoes!!!!

I have GOT to get me some of these!

Jennifer said...

Great finds! I love all the colors and your bag is just perfect. It's definitely a bag to fall in love with :)

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Those shoes are quite something, especially at a $1000! I wonder how much the artist gets? (Sorry, being cynical here.)

Looks like you had an amazing trip and thanks for sharing your photos. I especially like the Casa Tequila building.

Can't remember, do you like to read? Barbara Kingsolver has a new one out called The Lacuna. Set in the US and Mexico, one of the main characters is Frida. Kingsolver gets a bit longwinded, as she often does IMO, but it's worth reading.

Paula said...

Sending you some welcome home hugs, my friend! Oh, that color...I just know that I'm going to be seeing some fantastic art here sometime soon. And those shoes...good heavens, but I WANT them!

Commuter's Journal said...

So happy to see these delicious photos bursting with the colorful inspiration of Mexico, Kim. Sounds like it was one amazing trip!