Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When You Were Two...

So spend some time with a two year old if you can.

It is so very helpful in learning how to live in the moment.

That's what "Baave" and I did this past weekend.

Of course the two year old who we got to be with is pretty damn special !

Brilliant, funny, cute as a button, and check out her fashion sense !

She is also a fantastic teacher.
She taught Uncle Dave that the sillier you are, the funner it is to get the job done,
like completing the plain old puzzle.
(The hilarious giggles from these two were amazing !)

WonderKate also reminds us that if we know what we need, we should make sure to ask for it, and also make sure we get it !

Like nap time for example.

For a perfect nap, make sure you have a doo-doo (a cozy blankie)

A ba-ba (bottle with warmed milk)

A tou-tou (a soft stuffed animal - little brown bear in Kate's case)

And of course a Dada ! (A Daddy, or a Mommy or a "Pimmy"(as Kate calls me) in a pinch)

Yup, that Katie-Girl is pretty great at reminding us
to be present and count our sweet blessings everyday...

Oh, and also how the perfect footwear can make an outfit...

(I want these rain boots in my size !)

"Baave" and "Pimmy" are so thankful for the sweet time

and the wonderful lessons we shared with you and your cozy family
on this spring weekend in 2010, Little Wise One.

We love you !

"Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems." -

Rainer Maria Rilke


Things are feeling a little dry around the studio right now.

You know dry, like toast with no jam (love that line from the father in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding") !

I am doing journal pages, and enjoying the process but they feel a little flat and uninspired.

I am thinking I need some time with other artists to inspire me or a class to learn something new to add to my usual bag of tricks...

Part of me knows that a dry spell is normal for me...but like any artist, I kind of worry about it lasting too long...

I am looking around and keeping my artist's mind open to the possibilities...

In the mean time...little bits of art to go and add to the branches until the real color arrives !

tree tags - fronts

quotes on the back (for the tag on far right)

( back quote for the middle flower tag)

(back quote on tag on the left)

The tags are covered with packing tape so will hopefully stand up to the damp out there.

It has finally stopped raining though it is still very grey.

At least it will be nice for a tree decorating, tag photographing and rock dropping walk...

Let's go, Cheeks...

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones.


Sherry said...

Glad you had a spectacular visit Pimmy...the age of 2 is the wonder age...if I could relive any age with either or both of my boys it would be age's magical. ♥

beth said...

I love TWO....did you see my post just a bit back on "just for a day" about two year olds ?

and in needing inspiration and things being a bit dry...holy crap, here too.....and I've had just about enough of that !

Sueann said...

Two is a magical time; but so is three and four!! I loved playing with my granddaughters when they were this age too! Your Pimmy is adorable and I too love her sense of fashion. Those boots are TDF!!
Dry spells do come and go...they drive me crazy but I guess it is natural. I pray yours ends soom.

Karin Bartimole said...

Having just spent the weekend with my delightful 12 year old niece, all I can say is they truly only get better!! Her blue and green styling braces, multi colored scarves, flowered shirts - total explosion of expression blew me away! I wish you had been here - we could have been in niece heaven, and you take the best photos :) I'm feeling the studio dry sell thang too, but you're right, it is *normal*. I try to remember if it's timed similarly each year, but my memory stinks! So I'm thinking, well, this is the time that seeds are germinating - preparing to break through that hard shell that's been protecting them before they break into new life. I think that's where my creative energy is right now - getting ready to break through into new life. Thinking about that makes me happy :)
love you my friend, K

jgr said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit-Oh she is a cute one!
I love, love, love your tags, too. I know you'll have a blast installing them. Spring is here - really 70-ish and big sun. Hope you'll get it soon.

arlene said...

Good lessons! (I want a
Another lesson from the almost two year old in my life?
When the music comes on, DANCE! Immediately and unselfconsciously, with everything you're got and a big smile!
Also, before you have a bath, jump around and run around and enjoy that feeling of being nekked! (hehe exercise with caution if you live with teenage boys)
Also..dry?? I think not. I love your tree tags and want to come for a walk near you!

Dawn said...

Sweetness, pure and simple. 2 year olds are fun, but wait till she's 3 and she has lots of words to use ~ then the real fun begins :)

Kim, don't worry about not being artistically inspired at the moment ~ it will pass. But I understand your frustration. At the moment, I have just the opposite problem. I have to finish painting this chair, but I have a whole bunch of other fun art projects in mind AND Arlene will soon be opening the Art Barn! You're right about being inspired by other artists ~ that always works! Maybe you should teach an art journal class at a local library or community center ... something to think about!
Cheers ~

Anonymous said...

She's adorable and looks like you and David had a fun family time. Tags
are great, they will look festive outside after all this gray weather.


Bethany said...

I am reading backwards and am happy to see the tags are protected. I was worried about the rain. I love the quotes n the back too, esp the gentle darkness one.

Love those bee boots. I want some too. And she is adorable. Glad you had lots of giggles and lessons.

Art is in you always. It will feel inspired again soon.

Bethany said...

oh, and how can I thank you for the pussy willows? I missed them this year and your photo made me so happy.