Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Circles of Connection

So yesterday evening was Meditation Monday. I drove to class as always through a busy part of town, at about 5:30pm. My path takes me right in from of part of the UNH campus and there is often a lot of hustle and bustle there at this time of the day.

As I drove carefully through the cars, crosswalks and pedestrians who pop out here and there, I glimsped something unexpected out of the corner of my eye . There, on the side walk, were two young women, sitting cross legged, their foreheads touching and their hands up, palms pressed flat against one another.

(art journal page - Connection - April 19, 2010)

My first thought as I slowly by was "Is there something wrong ?" "Do they need help ?"

My second glance told me that there may be some sadness going on but no distress or emergency of any kind.

I continued my own path towards my class.

As I drove I thought
what would have happened if I had stopped the car,

parked (a challenge in that area),

walked up to the two women and placed my hands on theirs ?

Would I have disturbed their moment ?

Would they have rejected me ?

Would they have felt comforted by and connected to me ?

Could the two in that moment of what seemed like prayer and connection become three ?

And then I thought what if some other open-hearted souls then saw us three and joined in...

How big of a circle of prayer and connection could somehow grow

if it was given the energy, calm and love of a few more people?

I didn't turn around and go back to join those two girls on the sidewalk.

I went and sat in my own powerful circle of prayer and connection in my meditation class.

But their image and their inspiration floated in and out of my meditating mind as well.

And into my journal this morning.

I have an experiment in mind...

What if I were to sit in a park with a friend in the same position as the girls

but include a sign that welcomed people to silently sit down and join us.

Would people abandon their fears of looking silly or touching a stranger

and take a risk and join in for whatever period of time worked for them ?

What connections and miracles could a prayer circle like that create ?

If you came upon such a thing in your park, would you join in ?

Or would you volunteer to be the friend who starts the circle with me ??


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I would like to think I would sit down and join in. I probably would walk by, respecting their privacy but it would be fun to see how many people would take part if there was the invitation. Maybe next time you are visiting, we can try it down by the water.

beth said...

ohhhh you know me too well....i'd be the friend to start it with you and i'd make the sign welcoming others to join us.....and i'd add at the bottom of the sign "because we're really fun and cool and no matter what, we won't bite"

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I would be the one to join in. As I read your post I thought you'd have another page where there were 3 and then four and then a crowd. I guess it was just in my mind as I read your words. I got the vision of it even though the picture were not real

If you try this we all want to hear about it.

Daisy Buchanan said...

I would, Kim. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would join!

Sueann said...

I honestly don't know if I would or not! I would like to think I would!

Sophie said...

I would so be the one to start the cirle with you! Sounds like a cool experiment.

patti said...

I think you were right to leave them to their private moment.

I would be there with you from the start Kim, and if there was an invitation to sit with us, I'm sure a lot of people would join in. After all, the invitation to give hugs was successful :)

henrysmom said...

i would totally be there! your spirit reaches out through your words and art and creates a circle of love. Linda

Anonymous said...

You would be creating

a prayer circle flash mob.




Bethany said...

i love love love this journal page and writing. Wow. Really powerful. I don't know if I would sit. I would like to. I love the idea. Gave me goosebumps.

michelle ward said...

kim - love the thoughts you've shared here. love the picture you've painted through your words and your page of the experience. although you didn't join in, you widened the circle. touching my hands to the screen, reaching out to YOU.