Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Fait Accomplis and a Cool Rendez-vous

So a couple of days ago I showed you this Falling Girl drawing that I did with Inktense Pencils on a Golden Fluid background.
I added a red umbrella to the piece.

And then while digging through my many piles of bits and pieces of ephemera from all over, I found a page from a play called "The Red Parasol". I know I have had that piece of paper for at least three or four years and here, all of a sudden it reappeared just when I needed it.

I took a plain 9X12 canvas and covered it with pieces of old dictionary pages, then white washed over it to create a frame for my drawing.

I think "The Red Parasol" is pretty much a perfect title, don't you ?

I need to take some more photos of the piece or scan it it more. I just love the colors.

Check out what it looks like with crazy contrast settings...

I am thinking of putting this piece in my Etsy shop (my poor semi-abandoned Etsy shop).

But man, it is hard to give up pieces that you love...


Here is another finished piece.

This art journal page was inspired by a great blog that I came upon recently.

Susanne from Be Like A Pencil writes wonderfully and I am often left very thoughtful after visiting her.

I like how this page turned out even though it is more like other art journalers I admire than my own usual stuff . I am kind of lost in my creative endeavors right now, but feeling the need to get whatever I can out.

You know that whole thing about if you want to be a writer, write!

That's what I am trying to do. Keep creating until the flow returns...

Plus as the quote says, it is about being whole, not perfect, right ? ;)


And now for the cool rendez-vous announcement.

Tomorrow we will begin an adventure for Kim² !

(Kim² - at our first meeting, Fall 2009)

I am heading up to Montreal to visit with my Blogland and Real Life friend, Kim (the Bodhi Chicklet). This visit all came about because Sherry from Everyday Possibilities proposed getting together with the two Kims in Montreal but she unfortunatelycouldn't make the gathering in the end. Kim and I decided to have our time together anyway. A couple of days full of friendship, a little art making probably, lots of chit-chat and probably several glasses (bottles ?) of wine are all on the agenda !We will have a toast to Sherry too and hope that she can join us at a later date.

Funny thing...I have always had a lot of other Kims around me in my life but have never had a close friend named Kim, and neither has Kim. We are liking it a lot though !

Not sure when I will be back in Blogland to post - mostly likely next Monday.

I hope you have a great rest of the week and that you find ways to make yourself feel whole...

Big big LOve Beautiful Ones !


Snap said...

Have fun, nieces!

~Auntie Snap

Rita Vindedzis said...

Sounds like a great time. Enjoy.

Kate Robertson said...


Have fun with Kim, I have a friend named Kate and its always fun when we are out together.

I love the Red Parasol, you could make prints of it and then you can keep the original. I wonder what the play is about? You could also do series of painting that all have the parasol in them. Lots of ideas coming out of me today.

Anyways have a great trip.


beth said...

boo hiss not fair...i want to come and play, too !

Sueann said...

Have a great time!! And do make art...that would be cool!

Sandy Coleman said...

Hi Kim,

I love, love the wonderful, whimsical red parasol. So lovely.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That is an incredible work of art, for someone who is just going with the flow until the spirit moves her. I am very hyped and charge for your visit. Yay! The Kims are going out to play! It's too bad more of our Real Life Friends couldn't come too, but we will certainly drink enough for a bevy of fine friends!

Yasmina said...

The colour is beautiful, the layout is beautiful, the designs and patterns are beautiful ...
It's all really really beautiful!
You are so creative!

rachel awes said...

love your red parasol painting & adore the colors for sure! i enjoyed reading about the fascinated by how all that works & how layers add beauty.
& your journal page is a love party.

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
I love your Parasol painting! Gorgeous color-have a blast on your trip, too.

A Miraculous Meliss said...

How very magickal that those words showed up now!! Love it! I have had my eye on those inktense pencils.

btw, I loved going on your walk. I was just about to post pictures of my walk yesterday.

We must be in some kind of spring sync! :)

Have a Kim-tastic trip!


ps: Thank you for your gorgeous thank you card. It's as colorfully beautiful as YOU!

Jennifer said...

I love your finished painting! The Red Parisol is a perfect title! I love this. I also really like your journal page. I know what you mean about creating till you get in the flow. I just finished a sweater vest. I don't know if I'll list it because it feels too something else, but I needed to make it to get to the next step. I needed to keep creating. Have so much fun on the Kim squared trip!! *hugs*

SE'LAH... said...

Sherry is such a light...both you and Kim are too. So nice that you'll have some time together. Don't paint the town too red.

The red parasol is fantastic!!!!

Bethany said...

ooh, love the finished piece. Love that your scrap of paper found its perfect home. Though that's not helping me with my trying not to hoard craft things mantra. The background is super too.

Love your page too.
Off to check out that blog.
Great quote.
Have fun with Kim2.
Sounds like a grand time.
And keep doing what you're doing.
You are an inspiration even when you're not feeling inspired.
Thank you.

iadorearts said...

Love The Red Parasol! It's so lovely. I wish I could paint/draw like that!! I've never heard of Inktense pencils. Are they those ones that you dip in water?