Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankfulness Thursday from Montreal...

Today is Thursday, August 19.


I really can't believe this is where we are already but there you go.

We gotta BE where we are, right ?

Well, I am in Montreal right now, lucky to be staying at my sweet friend Suzanne's house while she is away visiting some other Quebec wonders.

David headed home to NH with Chica yesterday.

We had a lovely time at Kim's cottage up North though the weather was a mixed bag. Spending time with my man in such a beautiful environment was a real treat !

Lots of reading, napping, dog swimming, a little Queenly swimming and basically just absorbing the lovely nature of the Laurentians. (I will share a couple of photos when I get back home to my own computer !) We got a little time with the beautiful Kim and her wonderful son, Riley as well as a rainy but cozy visit from my sister Kristina, her hubby John and the kiddos, Thomas and Katie. You know I was loving that !

Today, I am having lunch with Andrea and Darlene, close and wonderful friends that I don't see in the flesh often but keep in close contact with anyway. Girls do lunch...

Then supper tonight with the Bodhi Chicket herself and my Mom.

I am thrilled that these two lovely ladies with their big hearts are going to meet. They live about 15 minutes from each other and I would so love to know that they could hang and be friends up here in the hometown.

So as you can see, I have so very many things to be thankful for - I have been surrounded by love and beauty for an entire week, and it just keeps going...

Speaking of beauty that just keeps going, do you know that Se'lah's Gift of Jewels project starts tomorrow ? Sharing and offering love - what could be better ? You may still be able to join in...go check it out !

And last but not least, tomorrow is the day that I will announce the 4 winners of my own 400th Post Giveaway ! Leave me a comment on the original post if you haven't already and you could be the lucky winner of some juicy Queen of Art's prizes ! Yay !

That's the scoop for now, Beautiful Ones !

Missing Blogland but oh so glad to be soaking it all up here in the real world...

Big Love !


Baracka said...

love the the heart shape rock wowo.. what a blessing to find..
yes blessings are all in the size of small things which i believe are the best .... one love... god bless you and yours.

Mary said...

Kim sounds like a wonderful adventure. Enjoy the rest of your stay, soaking in every minute.


Rita Vindedzis said...

My in laws used to have a summer place in St. Agathe and we'd go visit in August and stay up late into the night watching the meteor showers. I can still smell the evergreens and wild blueberries in the air and hear the sound of the water rushing over the rocks. Enjoy the rest of your trip and time with family and friends Kim! :-)

Sueann said...

Sounds so fabulous!! Glad you are enjoying yourself!! I can just make out the moon light on the waters!!! Enjoy dear one!!!

Kate Robertson said...

Wish I were there with you having such a great time. You seem to be having just the best summer ever. Enjoy.

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy for you and your good times.

Priti Lisa said...

You deserve every second of joy you can get your meaty paws on!
Yay YOU!

beth said...'re still gone ?

there's a package coming your you have someone trustworthy getting your mail for you :)

lynne h said...

ditto what lisa said, Big Heart!!

sending LOVE LOVE to you!


arlene said...

Time with our heart friends is so uplifting. It sounds like your summer is going beautifully, no matter what the weather.