Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am immersed in Love !

“What do you wish to immerse yourself in ?”

That is the question Jamie had the wishcasters ponder today.

You know the answer that came to me immediately.


You know what ?

I am already immersed in the Wonder Stuff !

And it is stronger enough to make the crankypants I woke up in this morning disappear when I focus there.

It is easily done, but takes commitment and practice.

You put in out there, loving with all your heart, letting go of judgment and criticism to the best of your ability in the moment, and offering up forgiveness and understanding instead,

and low and behold,

the wave of Love rolls back over you.

And you get immersed in it, the more you do it.

And Baby, living in an Atmosphere of Love is the only way to go once you have been there !

I don’t want to live anywhere else.

The gifts are so bountiful !

Like this amazing love-filled one that arrived from my friend Elena, at My Quest, just yesterday :


(And she didn’t even know that Sandra Boynton has been a huge favorite of mine for many, many years ! Just ask Katie !)



Thank you for the loving gift, My Friend. You have touched my heart more than you could know.

<3 <3 <3

The thought and care that goes into sending a random love gift to someone you have never met in person but know so well by Heart, is what blows me away !

I have done it for others and I know that the giving fills you up in equal measure.

That is how we create an Atmosphere of Love, my friends!

What random Love Gift could you offer up today ?

It doesn’t have to be something you can touch.

A loving word or gesture have the same impact and don’t cost one penny of our tight budgets these days.

Send love out and see how it flows on back to you.

Before you know it, you will be immersed…

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones.


Sherry said...

I love this theme today -- putting love out there in it's many forms and guises and then love flowing back in.

It's been a rough week woes for one, love and broken heart for another and I was feeling weighted down in the not being able to do anything but offer support and love.

This morning when I rolled through Timmie's to get my bagel, I told the cashier I was paying for the car behind me. She said "do you know him?" and I said "no, I just felt like doing that today." She looked surprised but her smile was one of "that's great". I paid, drove off and had a smile on my face knowing that I had put something else good into the universe. Sometimes it's little acts, like Elena sending you a book of love, not even knowing that Boynton was a favourite artist which made the gift doubly appreciated.

Sending much love to you my wonderful friend! ♥

Elena said...

Oh I'm so excited you received, and liked, it. I had no clue you liked the author and almost didn't send it. Tried convincing myself you would think I was nuts for sending a kid's book and one about Love. But you have inspired me so much. Reaching out with your words or when I'm beating myself up you pop in my blog with a reminder that Love is all it takes. You totally rock Queen. Thank you for being you.

beth said...

i love that.....

now if we could just fill a hot tub, that's sitting on a porch balcony over looking the ocean, with love and sit in it...well now that would be perfect.

Mary said...

Kim, i love how you love!!

jgr said...

Beautiful gifts and well deserved, my friend!

Marit said...

I had a bad day and could do with some love... you just hugged me with your blogpost. Thanks my dear, a zillion thanks! You are so right... I will keep on going on my path. I will try to love myself a little bit more tomorrow then I did today.

Rosie said...

Oh Lovely Kim! I am so happy that you are to be reborn! Every decade or time-span should be blessed by one such as you. Happy Wednesday, flower!
I love your ethos - I have been taking great joy (along with DH), in giving away items large and small that we no longer need/use, before we move house again, using Freecycle. We have had a fun-filled couple of days de-cluttering and freecycling our once-loved, but unnecessaries...
Oh and I meant to say how much I love your sassy new hairdo. Hot, hot, hot!! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Thanks for putting this Lovin' feeling out here today!

I must say I am consumed with lots of things of late, but yes, making space in my heart for LOVE makes it all worth it.


Cindy said...

Kim, I came here to say thank you for the lovely Gift of Jewels I received from you. Your post speaks volumes. Your card with the lovely rock print, the beautiful bookmark and your words of inspiration and love are very special to me. It was perfect, thank you my dear friend. love you. c

Nadeja said...

Love is precious
Love is true
Love is just exactly like you!!:):):)
I love you Kimmy,

Lynn Cohen said...

Not at all surprised you are emmercest in's your middle name, isn't it?
;-)) xoxo