Friday, January 20, 2012

Haiku My Heart–Ice Blue




Icy Winter Blues

These bones ache at their beauty.

Blues so wicked cold.



I am trying really hard not to hate it.

It held off this year, coming so late, for here we are in mid-January and it really just arrived.

The thing is, I think that delay made my inner clock think it wasn’t going to come this year.

I was enjoying the soft, thick sweaters instead of bulky, down-filled coats.

The well-soles walking shoes instead of fake-fur lined boots.

The way your cheeks got just pink with the above freezing coolness, instead of burnt red from the wind chill’s bite. Oh, and those tears coming out of the corners of your eyes, from the pain …

I swear I am part bear.

Meant to hold up in my cave.

Snuggled in a cozy ball, dreaming in bright colors,

of green, green grass,

bright red flowers,

and sunshiny, warm light on my cheeks.

But those Icy Winter Blues are hanging around for a while, it would seem.

Better break out the “Make it Bearable” toolbox !

Stay cozy, Beautiful Ones.

Happy Friday !



Sherry said...

Oh I hear you!!! You've got a bit more than we do...mostly we've just got biting cold...but just think...only a few days really until sunshine and warm weather..drinks to warm us, walks to invigorate us, laughter and talking and creating and just being together!!!! THAT is what is keeping me warm right now!!

Love that shot of the shadows of the railing!!

Stay warm Yogi!!!


Jess said...

Beautiful pictures but so cold! Have a cosy weekend Kim!
Jess x

Priti Lisa said...

Oh Kim, this is perfectly put...I love the idea of a 'make it bearable toolbox' We are supposed to be getting our dump tonight.
I don't know how the homeless do it.
LOVE♥♥♥ to youuu

Rosie said...

I think I know how you feel - I dislike the rain for similar reasons - you can dress against the cold, but not against "mizzle"!
Hugs to you for a lovely haiku!!
Do some Yogi!!!! Be well, stay warm... xoxoxo

carol l mckenna said...

Kim your photos and haiku are awesome

~ You must live on the East Coast in New England ~ I know I have become a 'bear' ~ didn't use to be ~ Had enuff ~ Ready for Spring ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Beautiful photos, my friend. Yesterday the water in the corner of my eyes froze. My, my, I am not a fan of these days either. I am a lizard - meant to be sleeping on a rock in the sun somewhere...

Unknown said...

So much love to you- stay WARM!

Kate Robertson said...

It looks beautiful from here, we still have drab brown and now mud since its been raining.

Since you feel the desire to be the bear and hibernate why don't you do that. You might be able to limit your trips out in the world if you plan it. Then take that other time as a time to incubate, to step back and truly spend some time on you. Time to reflect and just be.

Big Love on its way to you.


Helen Campbell said...

Our winter came late too... and it hasn't left. I've been enjoying the beauty of the snow, and am ready for it to go now. Stay warm!

anthonynorth said...

Ah, the cold bites, but it always looks so beautiful. Great words and pics.

Mary said...

but on it is so pretty!!
we have had nothing but rain these past few weeks...would love a bit of snow. i am sure if we had it on a regular basis it would not be as much fun.

stay warm in your den...


Lea said...

Yes, we too so need this wet day that has finally come! Love the icey blue of your words and images. Stay warm!

Nadeja said...

I love Kim's comment about being a lizard!!!I like the idea of basking in warm sunshine, although today, I stayed outside for a to minute walk in the icy wind...No matter what, it is good to be outdoors after weeks of not going out for more that from store to store...Spring is 2 months away and then we're done with winter again!! Come on spring!!! Stay warm and cozy anyway...Love you, Mom

Nadeja said...

ps. Beautiful pictures!!!

miss pie said...

photos are captivating.... i always thought of blue as warm.... but now, my eyes have been opened to a whole other world... and yes, now there's snow everywhere... love your comment abt the boots... i have been wearing my walking shoes way more this time of year than ever... i've had to put them away and bring out the fake fur boots too.... love that!!!

Cheryl said...

I love your post today. The photo of the ice caught in the branches...they look like spider egg sacks.

Karen said...

I love the look of winter, from inside. Lovely blues in your photos, and a beautifully descriptive haiku.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

So often in life the things that bring us the most pain and discomfort are also the most breathtakingly beautiful. Stay cozy and warm this weekend.

Cindy said...

Kim your photos are absolutely beautiful. I love the second and third one. think how much more we will appreciate Spring when this snow melts....I have been posting flowers all week to keep me happy. Stay well my friend. Hugs.

beth said...

i think i'm part bear, too... also enjoying my time somewhat hibernating, somewhat growing while my night time dreams become daytime thoughts....xoox

Julie Prichard said... least it makes for glorious photos!! Stay warm my friend :)