Friday, April 20, 2012

Haiku My Heart–Haiku Love !


I love you, Haiku.

Five, seven, five wordy treat.

Sweet playmate of mine.



You probably know that I love haiku.

There is something about its simplicity and how I can write one in a short amount of time, (unlike with other poetry !) that truly appeals.

Maybe it is its form as well, that balance of 5-7-5 syllables, that appeals to the Libra in me…

Whatever, it is a creative word play that I adore !

When I was in Cape Cod recently, my dear friend, Linda, shared a writing game with our group of Artsy ladies.

It was called Haikubes Haiku Dice.

You play around with the dice and create haiku based on the words on them.

Here’s the haiku that the dice gave me and that I recorded in my journal :

Moonlight eats fortune.

She tried to cover, wise one,

its livid torture.

Bizarre ? Yes ! Its meaning ? I have no idea !!!

But it did inspire a piece of art in my little journal this morning !





Not only do I love haiku for its playful form and how it inspires my art and vice versa,

but I love haiku

for the wonderful group of hearts that it connects me to each Friday.

Check them out at recuerda mi corazon

Haiku My Heart Friday

That is a sweet treat in itself !

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

I know those cubes of which you speak and they are really fun. Love your page and your expression of your Big Heart as always. xox

rebecca said...

you had me completely with the first view of you and your tiny haiku pebble!!! thanks for the sudden burst of laughter that filled my morning.
i adore you to the moon and back...

Unknown said...

I love it! I want to get a set of Haikubes to play with, but I figure I have enough goodies for now ;)

Stephanie said...

ditto to Rebecca's! I love your tiny pebbles of truths!

Karen said...

Haiku rocks! Couldn't help your stone.

Sherry said...

I'm not inspired to create Haiku but I've never been inspired to write any form of poetry...I'm not sure why that is. The last line of the haiku you had about torture...that's sounding mighty grim!!! ;)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Art inspires my haiku. For you, it's the other way around. So...and endless circle of art/haiku/art...

“First Light”

foxysue said...

"I love you haiku"

And all haiku-hearts love you!

Happy moon-dreaming weekend! x

Libby said...

Delicious wordy treat! Low-calorie, yet flavorful. Lush, yet low-fat. Healthy, yet oddly satisfying.

Have a fun weekend! (I have a feeling you will - you seem like a fun person!)

Marit said...

I LOVE your 'found haiku'... I like this way of 'finding poems' and how it inspires us all to think outside the box, weaving stories that would not come to mind if it wasn't for the strange word combinations. Your art journal page is wonderful and 'dreamy'... enjoy your weekend soulsis!

deb did it said...

I am so sleepy
weary mind road tired body
I will write haiku...


Noelle Clearwater said...

Hello Kim,
I love your haiku game and your big, blue-eyed beauty on a journal page with the moon shadowing her. She is larger than life. I love it! Have a wonderful weekend dear!

Lynn Cohen said...

And I love the color in those journal pages!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowie!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

It shows that you love haiku and what a great idea with the cube,s. Your variations in blue are delightful.

Priti Lisa said...

I bet a Buddhist monk could tell you what that haiku's just too deep for my pea-brain, lol.
The art spread is gorgeous tho, and I see moonlight eating fortune :)
♥♥♥ Happy weekend Sweetie!!!

Sueann said...

I love the short poem form as well.
You have yourself a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

I love you kimmy!xopxoxox

bacon said...

I just figured out that you are the glorious rock fairy!
How wonderful. Thank you for being so lovely.

rebecca said...

home from that very long infusion center....thank you for your kisses planted firmly on my checks!

Kate Robertson said...

My daughter has a set of those cubes, they are fun. Feeling down today so I had to come over for a Kim pick me up. Its nice to know you are here.