Friday, April 27, 2012

Haiku My Heart–Three Cat Tails


El gato negro

Cosmo, Boo, get away, shoo !

My black bratty cat.



The cat of my dreams

travels in strange neighborhoods.

Paw prints on my mind.




The cat lost his heart.

Now he searches land and sea.

He’s lost without it.



The kitty cats came to visit this morning.

Kind of makes sense when you remember that I have three of them.

I was also inspired by one of my favorite artists, Lynne Hoppe, who was playing around with faces, kitty cat ears, and Suzi Blu’s book. 

I am not feeling very inspired in the studio these days.

I just seem to feel like playing with little bits, instant gratification stuff.

That’s okay though.

I know inspiration for bigger things will return one day soon.

Speaking of little bits, I did a bit of a sprucing up around the blog, as you may have noticed.

If you can believe it, this is my 699th post !

I am away next week so I am thinking that the 700th post will have to be a giveaway/celebration post so that people can leave me comments for the week and I will give away the prize when I return.

Stay tuned for that this weekend, Beautiful Ones !

In the meantime, enjoy your Friday and lots of fun haiku with the gang.

Much love !

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somepinkflowers said...

in strange neighborhoods~~

so funny,
i just had a Huge Yellow Tabby
i have never seen before


me in my garden...
{{ seriously }}

was it one of yours?


Oh happy 700th posting

Marilyn K Johnson 1 said...

I really like your new masthead and rock fairy inspire in everything you create.

Sherry said...

Man oh man, I am LOVING this background!! If you think about the # of rocks you have painted and phrased and sent out into the world, this is probably not even touching that number!!

Doing little bits when inspiration strikes is the way to go when you aren't feeling "huge" inspiration in the studio. You are keeping your hand in and that is what is important.

And a 700th post to come?? THAT makes me giddy!!!! xoxoxox

Sherry said...

AND the new banner nice to see your beautiful smiling face up's as it was always meant to be! xo

iHanna said...

You journal is like a story book of wonderful hings and curious creatures. Thanks for sharing it and congratulations on a blog milestone nearing.

gma said...

Wow! I found a kitten in my rock garden this is my haiku as well. LOVE your art!!!

Mary said...

Well I think your blog update is full of creativity!
I got a color burst/boost coming here.
It looks beautiful!


Lenora said...

joyful! love all the colour - even the rocks :-)

carol l mckenna said...

pawprints in my mind ~ lovely haiku and art work is great ~ colorful and creative ~namaste, ^_^

Laura said...

699...Amazing...small steps lead to great adventures!

Spadoman said...

I'll be on the road, but I'll check in as I can, I promise. I love the haiku, all of them. Those pesky cats! Love them!


patti said...

Love the new background Kim, your rocks look good enough to eat!

Fallingladies said...

Thanks for the haiku, very fun stuff! And your new rock border looks so good, like i could walk a long a beach made of just these rocks!

Libby said...

Your whole blog and everything in it is just so beautiful and inspiring...glad I came over!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your art is stunning. I believe there is a Guardian Kitty looking over your shoulder!

Sniffing Temptation

Marit said...

I love your new bloglook - it's so YOU! Cats on your pages - I didn't see it coming but yes, it's kinda logical and I love it!

Paula said...

Love the new look here; that's one awesome quote on the banner! Much love to you!

Unknown said...

You inspire me SO much! <3

Kate Robertson said...

Love the new look KIm. Its revitalized and has lots of new energy. Lovely pages too.Have a fabulous weekend.



rebecca said...

oh could write, draw, paint...carry on about anything and still it would be an overture of love and inspiration. thank you for your place in all our hearts.

SE'LAH... said...

you are so incredibly inspiring and talented!!! thinking of you.

sending oodles of love your way.

beth said...

wow wow wow...i love the sprucing up you did to your's fantastic !!

and did you see the henri cat video by any chance?
with the french words and subtitles ??
if not, i'll send it to you :)