Thursday, July 26, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Stone Dreams

So my beautiful new friend, Elizabeth,

is much more of a night owl than me.

She often posts to her blog late at night.

A bit of a routine now, before I turn on the audio book du jour to fall asleep to, and set the timer on my iPod,

is to check if e.b. has posted anything new.

Last night, there was a treat that sent me into sweet dreams.

She sang summer songs of the loveliest blue, and shared stones of white and long distance loving hugs with me.

I think that is why I had this stone dream that I remembered upon awakening this morning.

I  believe it was inspired by our connection and the creative energy that I joyously share with this amazing artist/sister/friend.


I dreamed of a room in a house with a floor of sand. Near the walls, like by the shore, there were rocks, stones, pebbles, treats amassed in the sandy edges.


Upon digging my fingers through the sand, I found stone treasures from my imagination.

Smooth crystals, captured light, abundant and in every size.

Black stones, smooth and tumbled, that felt like captured fire.

And then these fossilized wonders,


a dragonfly, a perfect seed pod, encased in granite.

Shiny shapes, smoothed by some unknown sea or hand, and left in this room,

in this house with floors of sand

for me to find and be amazed, inspired, delighted by.



To wake up remembering this dream so clearly,


and to go essentially from pillow to studio to get it all down on paper, photograph and screen this way,

was a great joy.

And as I sat at my work table, immersed in creative flow,

I called to my man in the next room and said,

“Know what ?

I am an artist.”

He replied,

“Yes, you are.”

Like there was ever any doubt. Winking smile




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Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

Of all of this (which is beautiful by the way), is the last bit. I can see you in your studio, creating away and being all happy in yourself and calling that out to your man and his response...and that fills me with more joy than your art or your dream or your creativity. It's that sureness and that creative confidence and the glee with which you will have stated it!! Rock on Rock Fairy!!! xoxox

iHanna said...

You've got one good man! :-)

arlene said...

Don't you wish you could live in that house with a room with a floor of sand??? I do! Your vision makes me long for it, wish it were real!! And the artist part? Of course, the reality of THAT is no dream; you really are. There is so much beauty in that.

Olivia said...

Oh, I knew that! My Queen, how beautiful that your creativity comes to you in your dreams! and I love this page, xoO

joanne said...

Who did not know that you were an artist? You are fortunate to have such a good friend, mate, and talent!!

eb said...

oh Kim!
dreaming in tandem
the dream dreaming us both
now to gather more white rocks...

would that I had
brought back a few vials
of white Cancun sand!
next time...

launching into a day
or two or three
of dreaming summer songs

white egret in shallow water
spf is coming,

love your dream
love to you dreaming artist,
xox - eb.

Leovi said...

Excellent series of photos, I like, good selection.

Dianne said...

So beautiful and poetic... I often get up in the middle of the night and write poetry, prose and haiku and creative ideas down... And even though I have trouble sleeping at night, I can't seem to make that into productive time in the studio... It is lovely that you captured this dream upon waking...

Nadeja said...

WOW!! tears to my eyes wow!!!
Yay Kim! yay E.B. and thank you both for your gifts to the world!!!
Love you Kimmy. Mom

Anonymous said...

interesting post.

foxysue said...

It is such a wonderful feeling when you wake up having had a beautiful dream, and when clarity remains for you to catch the dream and contain it in words and art so the dream lives on, not lost in time, this is priceless. x

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Say it, claim it. You are indeed an artists. A rock fairy and so much more. Love ya.

Meri said...

Yes, you are an "art" artist (I've never had any doubt). You're also a word artist.

Black stones, smooth and tumbled, that felt like captured fire.

That description made me shiver with delight.

Sueann said...

Wonderful fun piece...and yes!! You Are An Artist!!

bacon said...

Oh my, you ARE an ARTIST!
Know it!
Own it!
What a wonderful statement, lovely friend.

Unknown said...

This was so powerful. Thank you for sharing this. And that journal page... just, wow.

Fallingladies said...

I was about to comment how much i totally love your dancing hibiscus post and how it made me smile, when i scroll down and see this one too! So full of wonder and magic and love! A trip to your blog is always joyous!

Kate Robertson said...


I love how our dream turned into art. Such beautiful art too!