Monday, August 13, 2012

Today, I will be…


After a pretty rainy, extremely humid weekend,

it was a treat to wake up to dry air, cooler temps and this glorious morning light from the sun.

The first thing I noticed though, was that the sun is definitely heading into its end of summer, early fall position.

How can that be ?

August just began, right ?

Everyone I talk to remarks on how fast time is flying.


(artwork on the side of the general store in Charlotte, Vermont)

I feel it too, especially when I stop focusing on the moment in front of me, and look ahead to the future.

On this beautiful Monday morning in August,

I am going to try my best to be right here where I am,

and relish this one precious life, each and every moment of it.

Today, I will be happy =) - quotes Photo

(photo from Google images)

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

that is amazing artwork on the side of that building!

And yes, you begin to feel the change as summer comes to an's in the air, the sunlight, those leaves turning freakishly early...

So I am with you -- soak up THE day -- THIS one...right there alongside you my beautiful friend! ♥

Snap said...

I am probably the only person you know who is enjoying the shortening of the days!!! It is UGHUST! :D :D :D Feels like temps over 105 today. Looking forward to cool --- sometime in November! :D :D Love the time flying . Carry On and Dance!

Kate Robertson said...

I am one who does not like the heat so the beginnings of fall are a blessing to me. I agree about time, it does seem like August just began and now its half over.
Relishing each precious moment is the gift we so need to cultivate. Wishing you a lovely day.


Dianne said...

That's what I've been trying to do... However... no cooler, drier days here... Just hot and humid ones...

beth said...

hi beautiful girl....
oh the days....the time....the hours.....

i'm trying to love love love august and not wish for a single day to go by any faster......xoxo

ps....that last photo i couldn't see :(

eb said...

I came to VT
for the first time
in 1986
mid August
coming from west Africa
via so. Ohio
I could feel the cooling
in the night
fall is dancing
in our direction...

sending love to you,

xox - eb.

jgr said...

Yes, yes! Seize this day and live it! The light is beginning to change here, too. It's so wonderful to anticipate the next Season.

Annie Jeffries said...

I can't wait for Fall and for summer heat to be gone. Love that time flies clock. I have a clock with wings from Thailand. It very amusing.