Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Sunday in Paradise


Beautiful Little Happy is back in his lovely lighted window perch.


He is enjoying the gifts of the last marigold blooms.




In his lap, he holds the power of the drying chinese lantern, the little Vermont pear

and some special rocks that came through me this week.

The most special of all is perhaps the Bear image,

offering its  Bear Medicine healing

to some dear loved ones laying low,

and to our world that needs it so much.


I hope you have a happy Sunday, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !


Dianne said...

You too Love!

Barbara said...

Happy Sunday to you as well. I'm off to play in the dirt!

iHanna said...

Happy wee one looks content with his gifts. Happy wishes your way too!

Unknown said...

I love your offerings not only to Life but also to us, simply by sharing them. Thank you. It feels very sacred today.

Stephanie said...

This happy smile is spreading across MY face!

The colors of the marigold in the blue glass...oh be still my heart.

happy autumnal equinox to you my dear!

gma said...

Such thoughtful intentions sending bear medicine for Spadoman.

somepinkflowers said...

{{ just a quick
but heart*felt thanks
for bringing Little Happy
to our art*making...
~~and how clever of you
to bring him, i must say~~
i felt his smile
all the week long!

today he makes
a brief appearance
in my Postcards posting!

your generosity the entire week
was illuminating,
young&wise one,
i hope we play
together soon. }}

Sueann said...

Happy Sunday to you too dear one,

Mary said...

The orange and yellow marigolds are lovely in the blue vase...I used to not like marigolds, maybe it's their smell...but really they are beautiful little flowers.

Speaking of marigolds, did you happen to catch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

Grace, peace and love to you!

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful and magical post ~ Love the happy buddha ~ sending lots of healing hugs to you and those needing them ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Kate Robertson said...

Lovely post, a happy sunday to you too!

lynne h said...

ohhh! these rocks! and Little Happy!

love to you my dear Big Heart!!


jgr said...

A beautiful scene and I love the marigolds!! Happy Sunday to you-what's left of it.

Fallingladies said...

How intrigueing and appealing and... Charming!

Sherry said...

Such beautiful blessings on a Sunday! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Buddha belly blessings, what could be better. Light shining oh big heart. xox

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I love all these images. I, too, have a couple of chinese lanterns in to dry. And yummy bear medicine. I adore how you have tuned into each of the nuggets placed at Little Happy's belly for consideration. There is precious little flowering in my garden (for which I take all responsibility) but I am looking at my gerbera daisy plant in a pot and thinking I should bring it inside - everytime I see a gerbera I think of you.

rebecca said...

i began and ended my day here with your happy happy joy boy. such a gorgeous shrine to autumn, healing and love.
your bear stone...such a talisman of strength and wisdom.
thank you dear kim. you are a gift of love and light.

Jaime Haney said...

Ooooo I love marigolds. These are some beauties... sleep well Queen

eb said...

an extraordinary

bear hugs my friend,

xox - eb.