Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy comes…


While the wind and rain raged all day yesterday,

David and I worked pretty steadily, he in his office on the computer, and I at my table in the studio, staying focused on the present moment.

For many hours, listening to tunes and losing myself in the color,

I worked on this 20X20” canvas :



IMG_3228 IMG_3229



After she was done,  I realized what her name was.

Sandy, of course.

Did you notice her hurricane heart?

I think the inner artist Kim was painting her to try and ease her savagery and acknowledge her power.

A kind of painted prayer, I guess.


David and I, and the furry kids, are all safe and sound in our yellow house on Orange Street.

Many in NH are without power and there was a lot of wind damage from falling trees, etc, but we have been very blessed ! Our power flickered a bit yesterday at the height of the storm but we never lost it completely.

Today, as so many clean up and assess the damage from this crazy storm,

and weather through the resulting hardships, I am keeping the prayers and love lights going outward.

Big love, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

"her hurricane heart" - absolutely! swirling away -- and I love that this is really a prayer...Sandy in this piece looks like an angel. I'm grateful that you were spared any damage or power outage. There will be plenty of cleaning up to do but for us, the worst is over. Prayers and blessings to those who were not as blessed. xo

nacherluver said...

Great post. Glad you and yours are safe and sound. Sandy. Great how the piece came about. Love that you were "trying to ease her savagery and acknowledge her power."

Jess said...

Lovely textures and colours Kim. May she be the healing light in the midst of the storm.
Jess x

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hi Kimmypoo. Hoping things are stable there, that you have full power. I have been watching this storm system for many reasons, one of which is personal and and am glad to see you up here and "running".

beth said...

your sandy is beautiful !!....the other one, well not so much :(

so glad to know that you are still warm and safe !!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy is a powerful force with her "hurricane heart" swirling away. Glad you two and furry babes are all okay. We were too. Did you get that freaky thinderstorm last night! What a way for Sandy to depart! xox

Marit said...

I'm relieved to hear you are save and sound! LOVE your Sandy painting!

henrysmom said...

love her! love her!

Kate Robertson said...

Oh Kim what a great way to experience this storm. Her hurricane heart and and other images throughout speak volumes. This is a fabulous piece, a piece of you. I am glad all is well at your little yellow house on Orange street.


Commuter's Journal said...

So glad to hear that everyone is well after the storm.

Jen said...

Beautiful piece! I love how you incorporated the colors and patterns- the purple really stands out. Love all of your work!

I would be honored if you could take a look at my blog :)

iHanna said...

So glad to hear you're keeping occupied and are safe. Take care of you and your family!