Thursday, December 20, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Cozy At Home Joy

From this week’s Joy List :

Little porcelain boxes that I have decorated and filled with a tiny “shh…” rock and left as anonymous gifts as I went about my errands around town.




Twinkle lights that shine above Little Happy in the studio.




An early prezzie from Santa ! Momma got new red Ariat Cowgirl Boots !!! (50 % Off !!!)


Stitching little gifties for loved ones.


New hair do that frames my face and the sweet time I had with my hairdresser, Deb as we made me pretty.

Christmas shopping done. And one gift in particular that I am thrilled with giving to a certain 21 year old niece of mine.

A day for stitching and card writing today.

A day for baking tomorrow.

The anticipation of some sweet family holiday time and Christmas morning with some of my favorite kiddos.


Life definitely has its fair share of joy, even in the face of many sorrows. It is our work here to focus on it and celebrate it !

Enjoy your day, Beautiful Ones !


For more joyous celebrating, visit Meri at Meri’s Musings !


henrysmom said...

you are so beautiful, my friend

nacherluver said...

Joy sure is beautiful!

Sherry said...

I love the new "do" and I love the joy -- I wrote about joy today's in the air. I love the free rocks you left and how you wrapped them...I love the thought that someone who really needed a gift will find one of these packages wrapped with love. It is what makes you who you are you sweet beautiful you!!! xoxox

Meri said...

The new "do" is very fetching -- a perfect cut for a beautiful woman and super spirit. You're so busy and creative! I've been OCD with Polyvore, have gotten two chapters finished this month (after at least a month of wringing my hands and sitting before the keyboard, not feeling it come together) -- but I still manage to work in naps whenever the mood strikes. . . usually when I'm bored with sitting at the computer without anything to show for it.

Anonymous said...

Sweet gifties all. Enjoy your family holiday time. Naps, yes, that sounds so good. xox

somepinkflowers said...

oh !!
you pixie*cut sweetie
with the Red Boots !!

{{ i have
the Justin Gypsy Cowgirl
with the roundy toe
pink stitching !!
aren't we
the So Fashionably Clever,
i must say ... }}

your table top
looks lovely
the red boots
sitting there...

makes me plum happy !!

somepinkflowers said...

wait ...

is Little Happy
dressed as santa ???


foxysue said...

Sometimes I want to be an 'American' just so that I can wear 'cowgirl boots' not the same over here! Still if I ever cross the water, I'm heading straight for the cowgirl boot shop, then off to look for one of your little rock thingies :~)xxx

beth said...

thanks for reminding me to see and appreciate all the joy in my life.....i love you !

Leah said...

what a cool idea to leave the boxes with the shhh... rocks around town! that is so creative and thoughtful and a positive pay-it-forward action to do. that's inspiring!

and such a cute photo of the kids!

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

shining girl
so happy to have you near...

xox - eb.

Amanda St.Clair said...

Sweet gifts of love. I hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmastime!