Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yesterday, I got a package from my sweet, incredibly talented friend e.b..

That kind of package makes me so excited because Elizabeth gets me very well, and knows what kind of treasures make my heart glow bright.


Inside was this bundle of hand made love with e.b. all over it !


Included in these “kimcushions” were little bits of stuff I recognize, even some fabric remnants I had shared with her,

and best of all,

the loving handy work by my favorite magic maker.

It felt like a big cozy hug from my friend.


A cool thing happened right after I took this pic of myself feeling the love.

My phone rang and it was Elizabeth ! She is in Nebraska taking care of her dad after his knee replacement surgery, and she was missing me just as much as I am missing her.

Our conversation was like another great hug.

I am so very grateful for our heart connection.


Another little bit of synchronicity happened as I was writing this post.

Yesterday right before I received my package from e.b., I was working in my 6X6'” journal with a new stencil I ordered from MaryBeth Shaw’s awesome company, Stencil Girl Products.

When I went to check the name of the stencil this morning so I could include it here, I discovered that it is called : “Connections”.

This is very fitting, and it is also the name of this two page spread I did in my journal.


I used this great stencil designer by  artist Wendy Aikins as a background on my pages,


spraying with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Sunflower and Oriental Poppy.


Then, out came the Faber Castell pens and some major doodling happened,

picking up some of the designs I have been using on my Rock Beings.


I guess I am creating my own new language of symbols. Again, making connections throughout my artwork.

I used Twinkling H2O’s to add in my color. The paper in my journal is too porous to do blending with my pens but the H2O’s are watercolors with great pigment so they blended well.




Connections – Art Journal Pages – 2/4/13

So I think this is the theme for the week.


a cool one to explore.

What connections are you discovering and celebrating, Beautiful Ones ?

Big, big Love to you !


Snap said...


Sherry said...

I love the love that you and eb share...it's such a wonderful soul connection...like in some past life the two of you knew one another and have reconnected. And I see this also through the symbols and the art you are making. I'm being serious but you know that because you know I believe deeply about these things.

I like "connection". I'm not sure I'm making any this week so far but I'm going to keep my eyes open. My heart too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bundles from EB. Your connections moved straight through the hear and brought you much joy. xox

beth said...

love this reference to connections....love it !

and i love what you created...it's simply divine !!

and speaking of connections, i know you in person and i know mary beth in person and you're using mary beth's stencils, so somehow we're all together in this....LOL


Gollywobbles said...

Awesome gifts! I recently ordered some stencil girl stencils and love them! Your pages are beautiful and inspire me to reconnect with my journals! Lovely post!

deb did it said...

love love love LOVE...that's all I can say!
I am speechless.
I feel giddy silly watching your art continue to evolve...I.LOVE.IT.
and I am in awe!

Anonymous said...

the sun is shining here in NE
I am smiling,
my heart is glowing
connections indeed!
(I got that material off to Australia too - thanks to sis)
your spread is gorgeous!
love all the connections and connected ones
love you
did you see the temple on FB?
I followed my marching orders...
a little obstacle remover wants to come sit next to Happy...

oh happy day!

xox - eb.

deb did it said...

oh, and by the way...I am finally "connecting" with a new tribe here
It has been a slow, unfolding process...searching as always.!!

nacherluver said...

Very cool.

Sueann said...

Love your journal pages and the gifties!! Wonderful
Connections for me this week is going to be very literal..I am catching a plane to AZ Friday!! Yay! Warmth!

jgr said...

Such a great post!! I love your new stencil and your 'connections' work. It is so gorgeously Kim-ish.

Janet said...

This is such a happy post. Your stencil looks like fun...I'll have to look for it. And I like how you used it to create your journal spread. I'm loving your recent art with all the little details.

Meri said...

Fabulous post!

Cindy said...

Kim how fabulous, good luck to EB''s Dad. I love your connections, I have made connections with friends recently and most of all to me, finding my happy place again. hugs to you. Connections is a great word. I might just change my word for the year. Thanks

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

In a word - gorgeous journal work. I am loving seeing how your art is evolving. Wow. Just wow. As for the H2Os - where do you buy them? I haven't seen them up here.

michelle ward said...

rf, love hearing about your true blue connection to eb
and how the circles of goodness ripple out, overlap, and bounce back....over and over and over. you beam with glorious energy and it always feels good to swing by here. thanks for always leaving a light on. xo

Mary C. Nasser said...

Oh, I love all that wonderful doodling in the negative space of the stencils! Wow!!