Friday, February 1, 2013

Haiku My Heart–Making the choice


Happy sits and waits.

It is up to me to choose.

Let’s hang out today.


Doing my best to hang with Happy today.

He sure is a lot more fun than “Down in the Dumps”.

A whole lot cuter too !

I hope you find your happy to hang with today too, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Friday !


Sherry said...

It's hard to be unhappy or down in the dumps with someone as jolly as "Happy" in front of your face. You can't help but smile!! xo

nacherluver said...

So THAT'S where Happy is! I'm sitting here freezing cold, aching and grumpy wondering where the heck Happy was. Now I know. Thanks for sharing. Seems to have spread. I'm smiling now. ;)

Sueann said...

I am definitely going to hang with happy!! Glad you are too
Take care

Anonymous said...

Oh boy did this make me smile!!! Thanks for the gift of 'happy' today!!!

Nadeja said...

How does get any better than this? I ask...the answer is always in your posts!!! Happy Friday Kimmy.
Love you, Mom

Terri said...

Hello Kim,
That little guy really makes one smile!
Great little poem!

Fallingladies said...

I have had more trouble finding my happy this week than usual, my husband is wonderful lately about helping me locate it with a good meal he's cooked for me or the glass of wine he hands me when i get home from work! Glad you chose happiness as well, you always inspire us all to do the same!