Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Springing back…

Hello there, Beautiful Ones !

I have been away quite awhile !


I spent some marvelous time with my lovely Magic Maker friend, Elizabeth,


tea time,


lake views,


and as always, creative time, savoring the gifts of nature and our imaginations…


Then there was a sweet weekend celebrating my beautiful Mom !


It was a special birthday celebration this year and I am so grateful that she was surrounded with such glowing love by her favorite peeps !


Now, back here at home, spring finally truly sprung !

This luscious bouquet is from my own gardens.

Even the lilacs have joined in the flower song this morning !


Happy and I are breathing it all in !


I am full of inspiration and brave new energy, just like every blossom and bursting leaf.

Feels good and I am grateful that I took some time for me to recharge and energize.

Today it is supposed to reach 80 degrees in Manchester !

I think a visit to the beach with an umbrella, chair and some rocks to paint may be in order this afternoon.

The rest of the week is supposed to bring some very much needed rain so I will happily head back into the studio then.

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones ! It feels good to be back !

Big Love !


MB Shaw said...

Welcome back, beautiful :)
Your Mom's hair is stunning. She looks like someone I would want to know. And your time with EB, oh how delicious. Can I run away with you?

Anonymous said...

You have been gadding about and soaking up life...that's what life is meant to be! Enjoy your day at the beach!!! xo

Anonymous said...

You look rested and so peaceful. Glad Mom is doing so well, she looks so beautiful with her flowing locks. Enjoy the beach, the weather is uplifting. xox

Unknown said...

We got up to 84 yesterday - that was just WILD! Today we're back to normal :)

Enjoy your luscious springtime - isn't it a relief!?!

Anonymous said...

It is good to step out of the ordinary and surround yourself with possibility and fresh faces. Elizabeth has such a paradise in her backyard! as do you~ a beach with pebbles and stones! I have never been to one quite like that but would love to have a visit to one one of these beautiful days.
Glad you are back and better than ever (still holding my Rock dear to my heart so each time I see one of your freshly painted ones I want to hug it)

Anonymous said...

Thank you to your fans for the sweet things they say about me. Thank you my precious daughter for your exquisite care in so many ways. Your blogs continue to evoke smiles, joy, softness, and big love. I love you beautiful one and am so grateful that God blessed me with a daughter like you!. xoxo

Anonymous said...

that brave new energy
is indeed
springing back
blooming beauty

Mary said...

I love hearing about and seeing the glimpses of your time away...makes me yearn for breaks away from the routine and ruts we/I become so used to.