Friday, April 26, 2013

Haiku My Heart–Big Pink Moon




Pink Full Moon brings change.

May it be soft and subtle

On our tender hearts.



This week flew by and here we are at Friday.

I am having a bit of a hard time digging my roots back into the usual routine after spending such an intense and precious time with my Mom.

I am looking for purpose and meaning in everyday things. I am also trying to find balance my need to take care of and nurture myself, and offer love and support to others….


Oh, SHIT!!!

Maybe I am just spending way too much time thinking and reflecting,

and far too little playing and living and soaking it all in.

Well, I am going to fix that !

The weekend will be spent getting some stuff organized,

and spending some sweet time with my Honey.

And then, I am headed north again,

but this time only as far as Charlotte, VT.

Oh, yeah!

I need me an  e.b. fix BIG TIME!

Creating, tea, wine, celebrating, dancing, looking, nature, nurture, Love !!!!

I am on my way, Magic Maker !

Bring it on,  Big Pink Moon, bring it on !



Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !

May the Pink Moon be sweet to you.


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Meri said...

Sometimes the best thing to do is leave thinking behind and just BE -- get your e.b. fix and fill your well. Soon you'll be bubbling over again.

iHanna said...

Oh the beautiful Mangolias, how I adore them! I long for ours to bloom, but they are late this year. THanks for sharing yours!

Spadoman said...

You're another one. Fridays bring a parade of wonderful souls to my door. You are a gem amongst the stones.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!!

gma said...

Dancing under a pink full moon waving streamers in the air. Enjoy!

Nonnie said...

best wishes for your fix this weekend!
scrumptious photos!

Unknown said...

how fun is that! that you and eb live close enough to 'hop on over'


Sherry said...

You bring out the pink! Have a beautiful weekend of fun and tea, and wine and creating and just will both be that much richer for the time together! xo

Adrienne said...

I love the notion that change can be soft and tends to get a bad rap sometimes! Love this!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend of R&R!

J C said...

yep, bring it on! Lovely haiku. Have a wonderful trip.

Priti Lisa said...

Just sitting and thinking is an act of prayer...Have a ton of fun, you deserve it! L♥ve to you Kim!

Marit said...

I wish I could come along with you and spend some time at e.b. and that lake... enjoy, dear one, enjoy.

Joyfulploys said...

Beautiful blossoms and buds! Love the pink goodness!!! Take care of yourself and have a great weekend!!!

deb did it said...

oh shit!
I just love you.

Irene Rafael said...

you have discovered the best fix ever. hope you have (had) fun with your pal.

rebecca said...

i always smile, relax, breath deeply when i am in your presence. i am all the happier knowing you are with eb!!
it doesn't get better than that!

Elizabeth Halt said...

I do so hope that your mom is continuing to heal. May the big pink moon be very soft on your heart. I wish you the perfect amount of resting and playing.

(I am chuckling here, because your "Oh, SHIT part" reminded me of something my sister told me. I was telling her about something I was working through - an, I can't believe I think this, it explains so much sort of thing - and she told me that I needed to drink a G&T and play a lawn game and stop thinking so much. I laughed and went to see Brave. She really was right. :)

Anonymous said...