Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning re-set

Monday morning was hard for Chica and me today.


Okay, much more for me than Chica. She’s just hanging out like her 10 year old doggie self.

I, on the other hand, am dragging my butt.


The kind of butt dragging that even purple Chucks


a shower and getting dressed in some comfy duds doesn’t even help.

David and I worked really hard this weekend,

painting, cleaning, sorting, and making multiple trips to Home Depot for supplies.

That’s going to the new normal here for a while.

This I know.

But I got strong reminders this morning that even in the midst of busy and a million “have to’s”,

there still has to be time for creative juicy living.

That is my purpose here on this planet, so that has to be a priority, no matter what !

So I took a half and hour and did this little journaling exercise inspired by a Pinterest pin I saw.


And then I took a bit of time to create this blog post.


Feels good.

Like a soak in a tub,

or putting on your favorite jeans or shoes…


Giving thanks to my beautiful creative soul for the reminder !

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !

Remember to breathe…


Olivia said...

Thank you for this reminder, My Queen. It is always challenging to find balance and especially to prioritize art and self-care and things that nourish my soul. I want to though. So thank you! I love The Queen's glasses! xoO

Unknown said...

You always make my day Kim <3 thank you for your inspiration my Rock Fairy xxx

Anonymous said...

Good day to put your feet up! So much work....take a little Chica, kitty and Mommy time. xox

Mary said...

Well, I'm still in my Jammie's...I'm allowing for days such as this...

Dear one, thank you for always encouraging me, and for all the sweet love you send my way!

Teteel said...

Amazing thing to remember.
I like your journaling page.
Simple and "deep".

Kate Robertson said...

I get a great smile whenever I see your purple shoes. They can really lift me up so I can imagine that they do the same for you.