Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sharing the Joy–What April Brought…

April 2014 was a busy month !

Full of beautiful people that I love

and experiences I will cherish always !

I made a girlfriend trip with my dear Linda to Saratoga Springs, NY,


where we saw, savored, stitched, spoke, listened and enjoyed.

I had a return visit from my sweet Jayden boy and his Momma !



He’s getting so big and strong ! Love those guys and miss having them close !



David and I traveled to Montreal for an Easter, Katie turns 6, we’re moving to Florida party, lovingly hosted by my sister, Natalie.

Lots of tears on my part, knowing I will be so far from my family soon.

But lots of joys too, as there always is when we spend time together as a family.


One of the best moments was watching Miss Katie ride her new big girl bike, a gift from us, without training wheels ! She is awesome !

Then David and I flew to Tampa, FL, for a whirlwind house hunting, meet and greet visit!


With the help of a great real estate agent, we saw a ton of houses but found the right transitional home for us!



It is a lovely, airy home with a screened in lanai and a perfect yard for Chica.

It backs onto conservation land and is close to Dave’s office and our favorite beaches !

Can’t wait to make it our home !


After the house hunting and meeting people at Dave’s new office was done, we had a little time to enjoy the perks of our new state.

Welcome to my new beach….

Heaven !!!

Today is May 1st.

If everything goes as planned, we will be moving in 6 weeks.

Wowza !

Still so much to do !

And it will all get done !


But as we go along,

I have promised myself some creative, rejuvenating time every day.

Otherwise, I will have nothing to give, and be one grumpy girl !

The studio will be the last room to pack,

and yesterday, I set up the space for some big canvas painting.

This work in progress is a 24 X 48” canvas that is a kind of commission for my friend Suzanne.



IMG_8105 IMG_8106

But the paint sloshing and meditative painting time


 all for me !



Happy May, Beautiful Ones !

May the sweet new beginnings be rich with joy for you !


(I am rejoining Meri for some joy sharing. Miss this blogging love !)


Anonymous said...

Joy abounds mixed with the bittersweet of being further from family. Looks like a perfect place for you and the fur family. So glad your dream is coming true. xox

Priti Lisa said...

Simply fabulous news KIm!!! Wow! Sunshine forever...and a house just waiting...I know you have a lot of hard work ahead, but it will be fun and exciting too. I am so very happy to share this joy with you. And YAY! close to the beach too...groove on sweet friend! You deserve every sunny moment!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

lynne h said...

you're moving to florida?!! wow!

wishing you a happy move, my dear big heart... : )


Sherry said...

You've found your home away from home! I'm so thrilled for you!!! xoxox

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Kim, congrats on finding a new house in beautiful Florida. I would love to visit there one day!
I hope May bring joyous new beginnings to you too!

michelle ward said...

Oh my, so much April goodness and lots of big news. A new house and MOVE. The stars are shining on you, but we knew that :) Looks like a lovely adventure ahead, enjoy! Happy to hear you are stealing moments for yourself during all the hustle and bustle. Good luck my friend. Showering you in clovers. xo

Unknown said...

It is quite a miracle isn't it? The journey we are all on and where it takes us - I know you will spread lots of joy and love in your new community!