Thursday, September 18, 2014

Preserving sunshine…

Last week I bought this glorious sunshiny bouquet of sunflowers to grace my home when my dear friends Linda and Mike came for a visit.



This morning, the sunflowers were droopy, dropping petals and looking kind of sad.


Kind of like me after a sleep-less night of worrying about some peeps I love.


While my coffee was brewing, I went to my art stuff stored in the garage,

and brought out my Microfleur Flower Press.


I gathered the some of the petals off of the wilting sunflowers and arranged them on the press for drying.


About 40 seconds in the microwave and I had these beautiful bright yellow petals preserved.


Sunshine captured for later use in a collage or art piece of some kind.


Maybe a mandala with some other leafy bits from the past?

All the pieces carefully, lovingly,  preserved in the pages of some old books ready to be given another chance to be part of the beauty ?


The sleepless night and the process of preserving these sunshine petals this morning made me revisit some lessons I am learning


for what seems like the billionth time.

Worrying doesn’t change the outcome.

Focusing on the negative only brings more negative to you.

And of course,

Love is the answer to every question.

Going to focus on how love applies today.

Starting with myself !

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

Hope you are letting the worrying go, so hard to do. Let that golden yellow invade you with some warmth. xox

Marit said...

Oh, the lessons we learn, keep on 'forgetting' and 'reminding' again... sunflowers and love may be just the answers: finding joy in simple things.... (this morning was misty overhere, and living in Zeeland again, I heard the fog-horn which I had not heard in 30 years. Sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee, I was almost in tears of joy... Hope your day is filled with love, sunshine or misty fog-horns... thinking of you my dear mermaid sister! Big hug!

Anonymous said...

Lovely mandala. I love sunflowers! they are just so bright and cheery~~~
The biggest and most important lesson here-- you were able to bring yourself back into vibrational balance with who you truly are and now you can create a better place for all those you love to settle and regain their strength (in your love) :-)
Sweet hugs to you!!

tami said...

Sunflowers - LOVE LOVE them. Worry - not so much. It is hard to let go of the worry we carry. So glad you found a way to savor the sunflowers and to release some of the worry.

Nadeja said...

Dear Precious Daughter,
Haven't been on your blog for some time...Thank God I can catch up on your posts! You continue to bring the magic of truthful living as well as an array of beauty in all things, always! Gosh, you are awesome! I will be sure to check your blog more regularly so I don't miss out on the living beauty in your art! Love you so much my beautiful one.
xoxo Love and hugs,

Fallingladies said...

I am always amazed at how much we think alike when I come visit your blog... I have been dreaming of a post just like this as I have been pressing flowers this summer as well.I was thinking about a mandala of them preserved in clear contact paper or something, and I spend way too many wasted nights worrying...

I do love your super moon piece below as well!
Take care!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hoping your worries have taken flight and hopes are taking their place. It is a struggle when those thoughts hit in the middle of the night - everything is more urgent when there is absolutely nothing we can DO about it at that exact moment - like at 2 a.m. - argh!

Teteel said...

What a Lovely creation you did!