Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Go Fish…

Look at my poor sweet Chica’s new shaved do !


The do is a result of her ultrasound performed yesterday.

All results showed that her urinary track and kidneys are looking normal.

That’s good to know.

We are now thinking that she has been in pain in her spine and hips and that that is likely the cause for her waking us up multiple times a night to exit the crate where she usually sleeps and go out side, where she proceeded to just stand there.

For the last two nights, she has slept on her bed, placed the floor by our bed, and we have had the first solid nights sleeps in our room in about a month.

Yay ! Let’s hope this continues !

Love that furry blond 10 year old girl !


I happily played in my journal again this morning.


This Fish Girl and her friend floated onto the page.



I like her and her Soul Wisdom a lot !

Hope your day goes swimmingly, Beautiful Ones!

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Anonymous said...

Having similar problems with Philo. Turns out it is neurological and he is weaning of a steroid and on a mild pain me for the rest of his days. (he's 14 now). Hope sweet Chica can find some comfort. xox