Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Contemplating My 2016 Word of the Year

I’m still thinking on what word I would like to focus on for 2016.

I didn’t do that practice for 2015 and I missed it.

I think I will combine the practice of letting go of 2015

by throwing a rock in the ocean inscribed with what I need to let go of,

and picking up a new rock

and inscribing it with what I would like to see more of in 2016.
I know where I will be keeping my intention Word of the Year Rock!

I used to have these sweet little porcelain boxes that I customized every year and offered in my etsy shop,

but the supply has run out.

So I came up with these sweet little stitched pouches and an amulet pouch necklace as a replacement.

The pouches can lie on your inspiration altar or by your vision boards and hold your Word of the Year intention beautifully.

My preference is the amulet pouch necklace,

that you can wear around your neck
and let your Word of the Year intention stay close to your heart at all times.
The pouch and necklace will be custom made for you, reflecting your favorite color and using
eco-dyed 100% wool felt, and a mix of silk and beaded bits. It will also include your Word of the
Year Rock for 2016 inscribed on a New Hampshire sea rock just for you by the Rock Fairy.
These are available until the end of February 2016 in the Queen of Arts Studio Etsy shop.
May the New Year bring us all to where we need to be, Beautiful Ones !


Laura said...

Awesome and Peace Lady

Priti Lisa said...

i know how much love & time went into making these pouches
they are truly beautiful
& very magical.

Unknown said...

I think my word is going to be "fun"
I need some of that

Unknown said...

This is so amazing!!! I love what you have created for your words for 2016. I shall head over to your etsy shop and have a look around.