Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rock My World - “Notice.” – December 10, 2015


Rock My World rock wisdom for these days when chaos and fear threaten our well-being :




Notice the sensation of the wind on your face.

Notice the way the sunlight enters between the slats of your bedroom blinds.

Notice the way some of your dog’s whiskers point upwards like a Salvador Dali moustache.

Notice the way your in breaths are cool on your nostrils, while your out breaths are warm.

And as you notice,

come back to this moment.

This is the one moment that we have for sure.

What peace, comfort and healing can be



one moment





And if you need some more inspiration to help you get there, read this post from the amazing Jen Loudon : The Antidote to Imposed Haste.


Big present moment love from the Rock Fairy.


Nadeja said...

Oh my goodness Kimmy. That is such a powerful inspiration!!! I am touched to tears by these beautiful words and feel so blessed to be your mother. I am noticing more than ever, how blessed we are and what a blessing this relationship is to our world! I love you and who you are with all my heart. It is a privilege to be fellow angels among many other angels. Let's rock this world and "notice"!!! Thank you so much for another awesome post!

Snap said...

Great series, Kim. <3 <3