Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finding Art In the Everyday

I haven't had many ideas for posts this week. Too many unfinished or un-photo-worthy projects going on...Today I was cleaning the studio - my work table is actually clean and white (I love MR. Clean Erasers - they get rid of paint stains wonderfully!) and ready to mess up when my friend Sonia comes over to play tonight ! Yay !

So I was surfing the blogs and checked out InspireMeThursday, since it is Thursday and I needed inspiration ... there I go stating the very obvious again ! Anyhoo, last week's topic was still posted and the theme was "Finding Art in the Everyday". So I grabbed the camera and wandered the house and the deck looking for art. Here's what I shot :

Are you my art ? - Guess what this is ? I was cleaning, remember ?

Are you my art ? - Azzy says " Hey, I'm eating here !!!"

Are you my art ? - Chica says "Do you have to ?"

Are you my art ? - Is a bug on the pool filter art ? Maybe....

Are you my art ? - Ahh, flowers - God's Art, don't ya think ? New Daisy

Old Daisy - love the curling petals...

Cosmo/Pansy Jungle pot - the flash made them look electric !

So that was my photo play today. Did I find art in the everyday ? I think so...

To end off, here are two shots of page one in my brand new art journal. I did a page based on the "Proust" interview with myself a few posts back. One question was about what object would you like to come back as. I said a piano. The photo is from Flicker, not me ! I forgot to get the artist's info.... bad me ! But I claim no part of it's photographic beauty !

Hope you have an inspired Thursday ! By the way, the first photo was what my "Swifter Duster" looked like after my dusting ! Now that is art ! Isn't it ?




Lorraine said...

loved checking out your photos..oh! to have a pool but perhaps not the insect!! thanks as ever for you great comments on my blog

LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

Bonjour Kim! Enchantée de te rencontrer! Merci pour les commentaires sur mon blog et pour ta visite! Please drop by often, it is a pleasure. Thanks for your great comments about my fairy painting. Your blog is great and your art journal very interesting and artistic! Take care, LuLu

Charlie said...

Your photo's are great. Love your perspective.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE this! I love InspiremeThursday even though I haven't been on there in forever. I love the Swiffer picture, I knew it was a duster :-)

Your furry babies are adorable and the flowers magnificent!

Susan Tuttle said...

Beautiful journaling!

Nice to meet you.


*jean* said...

oh yea, you got it goin on.... well done! everyday art...thank you for visiting me too...sweet

Rosie said...

Cool photos, Kim! I knew what the duster was - I've got those too... in a cupboard somewhere!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
What beauty all around!! Life in its everyday magnificence. You really captured the spirit of it.
As the picture of the pansies came on screen I experienced a 'flash' of what seemed like lightning and then read that you took the shot with a flash...It set me to wonder if I picked up on what the flower could have experienced???? Just a thought. They are alive afterall.
Good work precious one. Very inspirational.
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with Inspire Me Thursday but I loved your search for art. The different expressions on the animals' faces were classic. I take a lot of photos of textures -- they're great for journaling, which is why I especially liked the duster. And your journal page is great. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I was thrilled you got the effect I was going for. Your comments are always much appreciated. Thanks!

Sherry said...

Crack me up Kim!! I "got" the swiffer duster right some ways it might be considered "art" -- the art of dust!!