Thursday, June 5, 2008

GPP Street Team Crusade #21 - Irresistable !

The first week of the month means a new GPP Street Team Crusade ! Yay ! This month : Irresistable - making wax rubbings that serve as wax resists when you apply paint ! I used to do this activity with my grade 1 students all the time. We would get out the Crayolas in our favorite colors and run around the class room and the hallways, making rubbings of any cool surface we could find.
In lieu of the classroom, I wandered the house looking for objects to rub. I wish I had found a magic lamp and a genie who would grant me three wishes but no such luck ! Had fun anyway !
I pulled out some thin paper from a childrens sketch pad from the dollar store and photocopy paper to make my rubbings. I like using thin papers like this when making painted papers. They can be torn or cut up easily and added to collages without too much bulk. Some surfaces were more challenging to make good rubbings on - anything rounded like the bottle took a little more care. I think my favorite ones were the mosaic tray and the mylar alphabet stencil.

Plastic Alphabet Stencil

Mylar Alphabet Stencil

Mosaic Tray


Candle Holders

Rubber stamps

Picture Frame

Then it was time for paint ! Yippee ! Even more fun ! For this I got out my Golden Fluid Acrylics which are just wonderful when watered down. The colors stay so vibrant ! I added in some regular craft paint and some Lumiere Metallics which have such a beautiful metallic sheen when they dry on paper. I mixed some Fluids with water in a spray bottle and sprayed that around. I slopped watery paint around with a cheap boar bristle brush and dabbed it around and sometimes off with paper towel. I love just slopping color around - it made for a great hour of relaxing time in the studio this morning.

Plastic Alphabet stencils with paint

Mylar Aphabet Stencil rubbing with paint (Love the bronze sheen!)

Mosaic Tray Rubbing with paint

Bottle Rubbing with Paint - Subtle but Interesting !

Candleholder Rubbings with Paint - Remind me of sewer covers ?

Rubber Stamp Rubbing with paint - probably my least favorite !

Picture Frame Rubbing with paint - Looks like a magic door to somehwhere...

So there you have it ! I have a beautiful pile of painted papers to work into collages and I had a great time trying out an old technique in a new way. I got to make use of tools and toys I had around the house in a different way too, just as Michelle suggested ! So join in this one ! It was great fun ! Thanks as always to Michelle, for the inspiration ! Lady, you really ROCK!

Oh yeah, check out one last pic - my dried painted paper towels after the painting process ! More collage papers to work with , a la Tracy Bautista.

Cheers !



michelle ward said...

Kim - wow! You went to town on this one. So quick and easy wasn't it? And wasn't it fun to search your home with the gotta-find-me-some-cool-textures eye? I'm loving those candle holder rubbings. I cracked up when you called them sewer covers! Thanks for sharing with the team and getting us all enthused about doing it :)

Anonymous said...

wowie - you went to town right away! You turned your eye to so many texture possibilities. Family and friend will hesitate to sit too still around you now! Way to go!

Chris said...

Really great to see this variation and the process! I like the mosaic tray the best, I think, but they are all cool. I love the painted papers left over, too. I got a bunch of those after my Easter egg dye experiments. Those are fun, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
what a variety of textures you use, GREAT!!! Love the mosaic rubbing... And the Golden paints are terrific, just as the leftover paper pieces!

Cinnamon and Sage said...

I love all the different things you 'rubbed' - and those 'left over' papers are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kim! Glad to see I wasn't the only "mad scientist" who experimented like crazy. Your results are great. My favorite rubbing is the bottle and I love the sheen from the Lumiere paint. Very cool!

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Wow! you found a lot of great things to make rubbings of. I really like the rubbing of the bottle. It's interesting how you showed what they also looked like after being painted. A much different look.

Anonymous said...

Ditto from me your bottle idea! I tried it on a glass thanks to your inspiration! Cheers!

suze said...

So much fun! I do the same with my paper towels.

Anonymous said...

Kim - thank you so much for being so enthusiastic! I am heading around the house for additional items to rub a crayon over. Yours are absolutely beautiful! - Nicki

Unknown said...

You really came up with some fantastic rubbings! I especiall like the bottle and the frame!

Have a great hair day! Becci

K Hutchinson said...

WOW you went all out on this! Lots of really cool textures! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I like your rubbings, especially the round candle holder with mosaic - looks great! And your Bautista-paper-towel-play looks great. I'm reading her book but I can't figure out what paper towls to use!

Lorraine said...

thanks for your great comments on my blog..I have been reading your interesting blog it must be great to get away with the girls for an artsy weekend. I love looking at your pictures of the lakes..thats the beauty of the internet as you can sort of travel the world looking at all these amazing art blogs...I have just discovered the GPP site and think its marvellous

Mescrap said...

I really impressed by your attractive blog content, love all the pic that you took.
Great take !

Cindy said...

Wow - adding the paint really made your rubbings pop! Thanks for sharing. These look great!