Monday, November 24, 2008

I am Grateful For Me !!!

Last week, Avital at Creativity Prompt encouraged us give thanks to ourselves. As she suggested, we are so quick to say what we are thankful for from others, from the universe, but how often to we show gratitude towards ourselves? The wild and wonderful Melissa posted something so very related to this last week as well, when she wrote about how not shining your light proudly and bright is really the same as lying to the world (based on some thoughts by Maya Angelou)... This, along with my own post about shining your light and the ideas of Marianne Williamson about the fear of our true potential, really made me think....

Why do we always wait for cheerleaders outside of us to cheer for us ? Why do we think what we do is good only when some else says it is ? Why is it bragging to say "I am freaking awesome !!!"? Does shining my light bright make yours less bright ? No, if anything, the light gets brighter when we shine together...How come we don't see this clearly all of the time ?

For me, it all comes down to loving myself. To believing I am worth loving.

I know I used to have that. I remember doing a Louise Hay exercise in my 30's where you had to list 100 things you loved about yourself. I remember sitting down and doing it without hesitation, and marveling at how easy it was to do that list.

It is a lot harder now...some days it is hard to get to more than 5...some days it is hard to get to 1...that makes me sad...but as a friend said to me recently, that woman is still in there somewhere...she just needs some loving and cheering to be willing to slowly come back out...loving and cheering from me, for me !

Here's a journal page celebrating me ! I am thankful for a lot of things about myself. The great thing about doing this page was that as I started writing things down, more and more things came to mind ! It felt so good to remember what is right with me !!!

As Mommy/Guru says "What is wrong with you is besides the point. What is right with you is the starting point !" Be your own cheerleader and leave me a comment telling me 5 things you love about yourself !!! As Melissa would say "Yay, you !!!" And as I would say, today anyway ;-), "Yay, Kimbo !!!"

Happy Monday !

(BTW : This is my 98th post ! 100 will be this week most likely - I am thinking about a giveaway !!! Stay tuned !!!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, for all it's worth I think you're freakin' awesome!!! I love your gorgeous art journal page, but even more than that I adore the initiative you've taken to give thanks to yourself and celebrate everything there is to celebrate about YOU. I am so happy that this prompt has taken out so many things you are grateful for from yourself. Keep on the good work :) Stay on your own pace and stay true to yourself because you rock.

Sherry said...

Well, I'm grateful for you too!!!
And I love anything that is about affirmation as you know.

5 things I love about myself...

1. I have beautiful eyes that express so much

2. I am now able to laugh at myself -- first, before anyone else.

3. I am a giver and a receiver -- both with grace.

4. I am an artist

5. I have a big old, loving heart.

and I could probably keep going!!!

Thank you Kim for the opportunity to honour myself.

Kate Robertson said...

This art journal page is so awesome. I want to do one too and I will. I am grateful that you posted this page and shared with so many.

ps. I have been painting rocks too. You can see my video on it here


Anonymous said...

Great post, Kim! This is something I need to practice at myself. BTW, I love Louise Hay! On another note (or actually, in line with your post...) I have passed on an award to you. Go and get it! It's on my blog:

P.S. I'm approaching 100 posts, too (I'm up to 93) and want to do a giveaway also.

Anonymous said...

oh wow fabulous post! found your great blog through our wondrous melissa. and i am thankful that i did. it is so very true... so many find it the hardest thing coming up with things they love about themselves and the good qualities they have. if you're too open about how much you love yourself and how fabulous you really are people say you're selfish or conceited. how sad.

well here are the five things i love about myself...
(1)i am a creative spirit who can add glitter to anything!!!

(2)i love to give as well as to receive... mmmm in other words i am a conscious giver and receiver.

(3)i care very much, sometimes i think too much, but i have come to see this as a good thing.

(4)i believe that small actions can change the world and that affirmations and our thought pattern can change ourselves.

(5)i am a colorful character, is it weird to say i find myself interesting??? well i do.

thanks so much for this opportunity to reflect on the things i love about myself. we are all fabulous goddesses!!!

funny that you mention louise hay... i have so very many of her affirmation books and card decks... and they have inspired me to start mantra monday!!! so every monday i'll be posting an affirmation card that i have made or a card picked from a deck or a card that someone else has contributed... it all starts tonight, i'll be posting it shortly. come check it out!!!

have a beautiful week

Melissa said...

I'm hot for the art work in Louise's books! YUM.

I have no words that can express to you how I feel about this art journal page. Love isn't BIG enough. I adore you in there - so beautiful, so full of Life and Light, and the look on your face is precious and brings me JOY!

I'm so honored to be a part of your post. Thanks Kim-alishous!

Oooo and I get to honor myself (Thanks for those great words Sherry.) - Let's see...what I love about me.....

1) Who I am 'today'...cause I've come a long way from 'yesterday.'

2) My sense of loyalty

3) The way I live my life through and with my artistic, spiritual nature

4) The wisdom that I have gained, contain, and share

5) The care and respect I show for Life (including all animals...bugs too)


Anne said...

Fabulous journal page! Love the idea of being grateful for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

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