Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Blond has More Fun !

So usually I have photo posts of my favorite redhead, Miss Katie Cupcake :

(okay - had to slip one in - taken at my sister's place last weekend - Kate 6 1/2 months old)

But today I thought I would share some shots of my favorite blond, Miss Chica :

Today's trip to Hampton Beach, NH was all about Absolute Labrador Heaven ! The beach to run on, the ball to chase, and the waves to play in :

Oh yeah...and my favorite humans to splash on when it's time to shake !

I said, absolute Labrador Heaven !

There was a little time left over for some rockin'...

("Rock My World" rocks left on the shore wall - seaside love to share...)

David, Chica and I took the advice from one of my rocks on this Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day and decided to :

We did ourselves proud ! A truly beautiful day.

In some other exciting news, Sherry from Esprit d'Art included one of my necklaces in a Treasury on Etsy !!! Check it out here. My first treasury !!! Thanks for much for including me, Sherry !


Anonymous said...

Boy...your dog had a BALL! Congratulations on your treasury! WOOWHO!

Anonymous said...

What a total cutie, the redhead! And miss chica's a beauty, too. My favorite is the shot with her ears together like that. Love what you did with the rocks, you DID make it beautiful! And congrats on the treasury feature!

Melissa said...

Beautiful babies! Aw, you can really see how happy Miss Chica is in those pictures. You've really 'captured' her spirit.

~Rock on~

Sherry said...

Blonds and redheads...beautiful both. Even wet blond!!! :)

Love the rock line you left...wouldn't you just love to be there when someone picks them up?!?!

arlene said...

What a beautiful day! And you had a lot to do with that. Your vision of making the world more beautiful is spreading. I'm looking for little opportunities to do the same. Thanks SO much for sharing your joy Kim. You are an angel!

Dale said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :).

What a fascinating idea to leave those beautiful rocks on the sea wall :). Fabulous.

And by the way, your dog is totally adorable. Labs are my favorite :)

carolyn said...

Labrador Heaven is totally right! Chica looks like she had a wonderful time. What a blissful day!
So sweet of you to leave a whole line of rocks too!~