Monday, November 3, 2008

Inspiration Prompt #24 - Lessons Learned from Unequalled Teachers

So I found this blog along my recent Blogland travels called "Creativity Prompt" which has some great ways to fulfill that urge within us to live a more creative life. What I like is that it includes creative inspiration in a couple of different forms - inspiration prompts like quotes, photos, and stories, journaling prompts to inspire writing or art journal pages , and creative prompts for projects which often include tutorials. A new place to play ! Yay !

So today's inspiration prompt encouraged us to think about unequalled teachers in our life and the lessons we learned from them. About a year back, I was teaching an art journal class and we played with this exact theme. Reading today's inspiration prompt made me go back in my journals and pull out the page I created for that class.

This page (a little scrapbook-y for my tastes but I still love the intention behind it !) was dedicated to my sweet, loving grandmother or Bubby as I called her. My grandmother was a Russian immigrant to Canada. She fled Russia with her husband and his brothers at the age of 18 (this photo of her was taken that year.) They spent the end of WWII running from bombs in fields across Europe, only to end up in a German work camp. My grandmother was a few months pregnant with my mom. The Americans came and freed the workers in the camp about a month after my mom was born. No doctors to help, just other women who had had babies of their own, to help my Bubby through the pain of childbirth.

My grandmother had many horror stories to tell. I asked her about them often, always unable to believe that this same woman was the one who had lived through all of that. The thing that always surprised me the most was how little anger or hate she had in her, towards any one. She had lived through unspeakably gross events in her life and yet she was the kindest, most loving and sweet person I knew. She was the best bubby a kid could have ! I remember how much we laughed and played together and I remember how whatever she cooked was always the best tasting thing on the planet. I remember from a very young age, lying in her arms, putting my face into her ample cleavage and deeply inhaling the sweet, dough-y, lovely smell of my Bubby.

The pages was called "Lessons At My Bubby's Breast"because of those memories. My grandmother passed away 15 years ago this month. I miss that unconditional love in my life so much some days ! Here is some of what she taught me :

Taking out this page just a day after Dia de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead is kind of fitting too, I guess. In the end, despite all the hardships she lived through, my grandmother's life was a celebration of family and good, big loving. Here's to you my sweet, sweet Bubby, my unequalled teacher in so many wonderful ways ! Let's go facaffee ! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Kim, this is such a beautiful and touching story (that also remind me some of my own ancestors' history). Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

A perfect Dia de los Muertos tribute, I think! I was moved and intrigued by your grandmother's story. Bubbe is Yiddish for grandmother -- was your grandmother Jewish?

Also, a belated Happy Birthday to your handsome hubby. A great time of the year to have a birthday!

Jennifer said...

Your Bubby sounded like a wonderful grandma. Such a blessing to have those memories!

LaurieStar said...

Hi Kim! I am sorry I haven't contacted you until now. After our show, I did come and check out your blog - just ran out of time to comment on it. I never have enough time! But it was so nice meeting you in Manch. I love your work and hope you did well that night. Now that I've found your blog I'll be coming back! See you soon!

Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing Your Bubby with all of us. What a beautiful woman with a peaceful spirit!
What a huge inspiration that she held no anger! YAY.

~Bubby Power~

Kristin Saegaert said...

Hi Kim! Thank you for your kind words on my blog and thank you for sharing your touching story about your grandmother and teacher. Very inspiring! Congratulations on the grand opening of your etsy shop too!

Christy said...

OMG you made me cry! I am so glad my daughter has a 'Nanny' who sounds a bit like your Bubby minus many of the hardships of course. My grandmother (the one I know would have loved me like this) was murdered before I was born :( Stories like yours always make me cry. Thank you for sharing a small bit about your Bubby with us!