Monday, April 6, 2009

Love is Not Scarce ! - The Queen meets A Mermaid

(Tiny Bird, New Song - April 2009)

(Perfect Mantra for a Monday !)

So yesterday my hubby, my dog and I went to the beach. We had kind of a mixed up walk - the dog was behaving badly, it was very windy, the husband was very sore, and I was stressed out and worrying about them both. One thing went right at that point. I looked down and found a perfect heart-shaped rock. I popped the rock into my pocket and we continued on our un-merry way.

After a while, I suggested that the hubby go and sit in the car, out of the wind, where he could enjoy the scenery and relax, while I take the dog for some ball throws and do some more rock hunting and picture taking. This felt better. Chica had a blast in the waves, crazy Lab !

On our way back towards the car, I was back into the rock hunt, when suddenly I met her.

The Mermaid.

Oh, she may have looked like an ordinary fifty something Scandinavian woman, but I know the truth ! She was a mermaid !

She was lying on the smooth, ocean rocks as though they were the softest of beds. She called to me as I looked for rocks :

"Aren't these rocks wonderful ?"

"Yes, I love them." I replied.

"At home, I have a huge collection of rocks all shaped like..." - At this moment I had put my hand in my pocket to pull out my previously found treasure to show her. "Hearts! Oh, you have one too ?"the mermaid asked, looking at my heart-shaped rock in between my fingers.

"Yes, I find them often."

"You mean, they find you !" said the mermaid.

"Yes, I guess that's true", I said. "They are like Love, it is all around us, we just have let it find us and then pick it up !"

"Right." said the mermaid, "Well, enjoy your heart."

"Thanks", I said, "Enjoy your bed !"

"Thank you. It is actually very comfortable and even adjustable!" she said, wiggling herself into it more comfortably.

I walked on, back to the car, back to the hubby, and realized as I went that my exchange with the mermaid had made me feel different, had made me feel better than I had for most of the day. My own words were the key really. "Love is all around us. We just have to let it find us and then pick it up." The mermaid just reminded me !

(Check out this article by Martha Beck on the Oprah Magazine website. It made me realize that I need to start living like love is abundant in my world, just like it was on that beach. Love is Not Scarce ! You just have to let it find you !)

Happy Monday !


Jennifer said...

Happy Monday! You have the most wonderful adventures, even when they start out a bit rocky...turns out that rocky was a good thing :)

I like the idea of love all around us. Sometimes it's easy to forget to remember :)

Joy Logan said...

How did you get the vivid colors,great piece!

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Joy ! This is a piece I digitally altered. The original "Tiny bird,big song"was a piece I did two years ago.Today I played with the "song" part and added the "Love is not scarce" to it.
Hi Jennifer,
I hope you found love all around you today !

Anonymous said...

wow... a real mermaid!

And dogs and horses really get twitchy in the wind... so do husbands.

Genie Sea said...

How Magical! :)

Sandy..... said...

Beautiful post! I saw a sign the other day... "Stop telling God how big your problems are, and start telling your problems how big God is."

It's the very same, love is all around and in many forms. It's up to us to open our eyes, hearts and senses in order to accept them, because they ARE THERE!

Lynnette Labelle said...

Love the picture of your dog. You should pop by my blog. I posted a dog video yesterday. I think you'll like it.

Lynnette Labelle

*jean* said...

oo kim, this is a delightful post! i agree, love is abounding....we choose what to do with it...

Karin Bartimole said...

what a great story! and dontcha love hearing yourself say just what you need to hear? Such a good reminder that it's all right there inside of us - the love, the answers, the All...
sending a bunch your way ❤

arlene said...

oh Kim! You are so right.
I love beaches, but they are rather scarce here in land-locked Alberta, though there is a wild, sandy lake near my mom's where I love to go rock hunting. I have yet to meet a mermaid though...lucky you! You attract magic!
arlene...working on a you-know-what for you-know who!

Debbie said...

Wonderful post! Joy and love are all around us.

Jennifer said...

Just me again saying good morning!

Jennifer said...

Hi friend! Keep feeling better!!

Susan Tuttle said...

You are amazing! Those hearts definitely do find you my friend. I found one the other day -- a small piece of ice melting in the sun, in the perfect shape of a heart.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

A fabulous post! And I'm glad you're feeling better.

JeriAnn said...

You are so wise! I think I will write your words down next to my secret mermaid name. Thanks so much for the enchanting mermaid tale (tail?)