Friday, May 1, 2009

Down By the Wild Blue Sea, How Happy We Could Be !

So the package from Arlene containing the apron she made me for our Canadian Chickies Mother of All Apron swaps came yesterday. I deliberately waited until David got home so he could take pictures of me opening the package. It was hard to wait !!!!

Here's me opening the envelop on the kitchen counter and starting my ooo's and ahhh's right away.

I put the beautiful creation over my head immediately, squealing with delight when I saw the mermaid-me on the top !

Even Chica and Azzy came to check out why I was making such and excited fuss !

Check this gorgeous, perfectly me, mermaid-a-riffic thing out !

Looking at it upside down, I started to notice all the little details Arlene has put into my sweet gift. Buttons, shells, pebbles, Spanish Loteria cards, beads, sequins...

This is my face when I read what was stamped in amazingly arty letters at the bottom of the apron.

These are the tears I cried when I explained to David how touched I was by what Arlene has inscribed on her mistress-piece of an apron.

It reads :

"Down By

The Wild

Blue Sea,



Came & Spoke

To Me."

Why did that make me cry ?

Because I felt really heard. Arlene knows I love mermaids and the ocean, but she also read and left a sweet comment on my blog post about meeting a mermaid on Hampton Beach. She heard me, she gets me, and she put all of that into a piece of art that she made just for me. All of this from a woman I have never seen in person. It just touched me so much that someone could see and hear my heart so well ! It made me feel so wonderfully loved.

I wiped off the tears and David and I headed outside to get a couple more shots on the back deck.

I am in love with every blue-green, gauzy, luscious, beaded, Arlene-a-fied thread of this apron!

I know I am a lucky, lucky Queen indeed !

Got up this fine Friday morning and put on my coziest sweat pants, my navy blue long sleeved t-shirt and my "Mer-Kim" Apron...oh and a big smile ! That's my uniform today and guess what ?


Thank you, my friend, Arlene ! Have a great weekend, all you Beauties !


Sherry said...

Nothing better than seeing this unfold with the photographs Kim.

Arlene did a beautiful piece of work in this apron...and there is no better feeling in the world than being "heard" and makes us feel valued in a way we ought all to feel.

You are beautiful...and that you can say that with such conviction and confidence today makes my heart happy ♥

Dawn said...

Kim, I was lucky enough to see your apron in all it's wonderfully wispy glory before Arlene mailed it off to you. Pictures don't really do it justice, but it most certainly came from her heart!

~ Dawn **who is going to post photos of Kim's apron on Canadian Chickies blog NOW**

Snap said...

Wow! I felt like I was right there with you and David as you opened this wonderful gift. It is just beautiful. Isn't it grand how we just seem to click with people. How they seem to know us without ever meeting us? The universe is a wonderful place! Thank you, beautiful Mer-Kim, for sharing this special moment with us!

`Mer-DragonSnap :D

Anonymous said...

These aprons are so magnificent!! Art cool to have a swap of them!

Kate Robertson said...

You look beautiful too!. Oh that apron is incredibly gorgeous and so fitting for you. It couldn't be more perfect. Enjoy it.



jgr said...

WOW! It was so cool to see you opening it and the whole progression. Not to mention the apron itself is off-the-charts-totally cool.

Thanks for sharing that.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Lucky, beautiful Mer-Kim indeed! It is lovely and what a wonderful idea. I completely understand what you said about all the creative self-help books. I have Creative Awakenings but put it on hold until I find a source for the metal for the dream book (can't seem to find anything local - must go over the border and shipping is exhorbitant). That is how I went on to Life is a Verb. Today I just picked up Wreck This Journal to be a part of the group that starts on June 5 (or thereabouts). When to stop with all this? Never, I say!

Kelly Snelling said...

your joy made me all teary, too! it is powerfully good to feel Seen and to have your spirit recognized and not only acknowledged from celebrated. that is a special friend. and, boy howdy! what a Gorgeous apron!

Commuter's Journal said...

The magical mermaids have paid homage to their beautiful Queen with the finest of garments. Such thoughtfulness and sensitivity! Truly an amazing work of art and friendship.
-- JeriAnn

arlene said...

Hooray!!! LOL I'm so happy that you like it and that YOU get it, my dear, sweet, beautiful friend!!
And yes, that absolutely is Mer-Kim on the top, and it was painted especially for your apron by the gracious and talented Dawn of Art of Humungous Proportions. I needed something special, and only a mermaid would do, so Dawn succumbed to my pleading and puppy dog eyes and did a Wide Eyed Portrait of you, in your secret-sea alias attire.
I loved your post on the mermaid, and that's when the whole apron came together. I had worked on it a bit, and knew the theme was to be the sea, but with that post I did hear your heart, and I heard how that chance meeting changed the course of your day.
Beautiful Kim, it was such a pleasure swapping with you. I treasure my Apron of Hope with great fervor. You change the course of every day that you touch.
Love, love and hugs,

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Kim!

I had such a long comment almost done and my internet crashed. I hate it when that happens!

I am so behind on your blog and it seems like I was just here the other day! You are busy, busy!

I, too, am so touched by Arlene's apron made especially for you. It is so beautiful. And, you know what? You deserve it. You spend so much time cheering so many people on in all they do, it is high time someone did something very special for you. Yay for Arlene and yay for you! And, your apron is stunning as well, Missy! I'm sure Arlene is just as proud of it as you are of her's.

So many wonderful posts to catch up on. I especially got hooked in your beauty post. We are so similar. I could write a book about what I've been thinking but I'll save it for another day - well, most of it. Let's just say I had to have my husband cut a ring off of my finger the other day because I have been gaining so much weight since I quit working in a real job (one that was very active). I haven't been exercising and I've eaten horribly and way too much junk lately. I hadn't taken the ring off in 13 years - it was my mom's and my dad gave it to me the day we buried her. Anyway, I am upset that I had to have it cut off and that I have let myself go so much. I feel ugly and lazy. I realize that partly I feel this way cuz I just don't feel good. I need to eat better and exercise and get movin' again. So, I'm babbling, but what I really wanted to say is that I relate and I just love the journal page you made - it is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

I'll be back soon!

michelle allen said...

What a great post! Love all your expressions. I felt like I was right there with you! Beautiful apron.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! The apron is wonderful and you look fabulous in it. I'm so happy for you!!!

Debbie said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift. No wonder you cried. You have a great friend in Arlene. said...

what a darling and beautiful apron. i have a thing for mermaids, this is special! thanks, wanda

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful gift! The apron is so beautiful and I remember when you me the mermaid on the rocks so it was fun to guess that when I saw your hands over your face (the touched photo).

So cool that you were wearing similar colors to the apron that day. I think that just shows how on the same wave length you and your apron-making buddy are! I love the winding ribbon and sequins at the bottom too. It looks so delicate and mermaidy! Have too much fun in it Kim :)

FAQ said...

Great photos of this lovely gift! How much fun to receive and what a kind and loving gesture to create it for you.

lilylovekin said...

Your apron is beautiful. I discovered your blog through Tumblefish. I especially appreciated your blog on beauty. Thank you.

lilylovekin said...
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lilylovekin said...

Your apron is beautiful. I discovered your blog through Tumblefish. I especially appreciated your blog on beauty. Thank you.

Weathered & Worn said...

Such a beautiful Apron! What a great swap that must have been! Kudo's ladies!

DMG said...

Arlene's apron is to die for, you lucky, lucky girl. Mermaids, huh? Just one more thing we have in common. Good to know.......

Brene said...

Love the play by play - so beautiful!

Good news! You won the Mati Rose giveaway! Email me a brenebrown(at)mac(dot)com with your address so we can get it to you!!!

Shelly said...

Hi Kim! I loved reading about the wonderful mermaid apron and all the special details. What a fabulous work of art! :)

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! What a fabulous apron! I loved seeing all the pictures and hearing your enthusiasm! What a special gift! :-)