Saturday, May 16, 2009

I want a baby !!!!

(art journal page - May 16, 2009
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So about 6 years ago, David and I decided that we would not have any children. We met late in our childbearing years - I was 35 and he was 39. We were so very happy together and we had so many things we wanted to do as a couple. We didn't feel that we wanted to start a family when I would be in my forties and we felt that it was too soon in our marriage to bring a child into the mix. Other than a few moments of doubt here and there, I have never really regretted that decision. I was in fact quite content with the freedom and the focus on us as a couple that not having kids provided.

That was until she came around.

Now, my sister Natalie had Nathan 8 years ago when David and I first got together, but as cute a baby as he was, he did not make me really want a child. Then my sister Kristina has Thomas 5 years ago. He was a gorgeous blue-eyed, blond haired boy and also very sweet but again, no major stirring of the loins.

But then, last year, this one :

This baby girl has made my hormones and my mommy instincts go into overdrive ! There is just something about her. I am in total baby-love !

Maybe it is the way she loves so deeply when she trusts you. Maybe it is how she falls asleep in my arms. Maybe it is her fishy, kissy lips :

Or maybe it is how she is filled with lightness, brightness and exquisite potential.

Whatever it is about this beautiful Kate, this baby-love of mine,

she has made me want a baby.

The thing is though,

the only baby I want is her ! And she is already taken by two perfect parents.

So, quiet down, hormones !

This baby factory is not re-opening for business.

I am back from a great trip to Montreal and La Conception. I got all filled up with family, friends, and baby-love. I am happy to be back in the cozy nest with the hubby and to sleep in my own bed. The green here is so magnificent ! This weekend will be all about getting outside as much as possible and making the most of our beautiful backyard ! A barbecue is a must, I think !

Have a great weekend ! It is good to be back in Blogland !


Sherry said...

Happy homecoming!!! I'm so happy that you had a good trip.

Hormones, baby "want" and baby love. I think it's only natural from time to time that those "stirrings" occur. And I smiled when you said the baby you want is Kate...but that's also understandable...completely!!

She's a gorgeous child, no question about that and you've captured her in many moods with these photos...I love the fishy/kissy lips!!

My Queen of Arts who fills our would be an amazing mother. No question in my mind. Kate and your nephews are so blessed to have you as part of their lives ♥

Snap said...

Welcome home! Just think, you can spoil Kate rotten and not have any of the problems or dirty diapers, etc! Kissy fishy lips! Perfect!

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
WOW! Your 'post' really struck a chord with me-I have been there and had the exact same feelings. No babies though. (long story). I am now happy with my very own cat-baby (Mocha) and a growing collection of niece and nephews whom I love to spoil!!


beth said...

it's okay to have those feelings...
and those children are soooo lucky to have you in their lives !!!

but oh, she really is a cutie !!!

Anonymous said...

Phew! I narrow escape from child bearing.. glad you made it. However there were a few years of romantic longing till I wound up with a "package deal" of a relationship... all the glamour goes when they hit 16, let me tell you.

Ananda said...

wonderful artwork and story. i love the photos of the kids. enjoy them.

Jennifer said...

Hey there! i am so happy that you are back :)

Your little niece is so perfect I can see why she stirs up the baby-wanting hormones!

It sounds like you had a much deserved wonderful time. Enjoy your recovery from your travels! Barbecue is always in order :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there beautiful Queen! I'm back in business on my own computer. Oh but she is a total angel cupcake sweetie-pie dollface, and it is perfectly understandable that she should have that affect on you. Looking at these photos makes ME want a baby too!! As you know, I'm in the same boat as you are. Love your gorgeous journal page! Welcome home and hope your having a gorgeous weekend - a bbq sounds like an awesome idea! (((hugs & kisses))) Serena

deb did it said...

oh that photo with the sunlight radiating thru her precious little hands...oh those hands

Genie Sea said...

Welcome home :)

Kate is so scrumptious! Makes you want to put her in an ice cream bowl and eat her :)

Ok. That sounded a little cannibalistic :)

BBQ. Nice! :)

Susan Tuttle said...

welcome home! What sweet photos of your niece!

hormones are powerful things indeed:) -- in your heart you know what is right for you, whatever that may be.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hi Kim, so good to have you back. I hope your trip was everything you wanted it to be. I just read Patti's post this morning about food art - something I have done with my son for years, so it was neat to see someone else engaging too. So you want a baby, huh? And a specific baby. Congratulations! You don't sound too old to have one if it is really what you want. I had Riley at 42 and I was never healthier. It's been an incredible experience but it does mean sacrifices that I had no idea would be asked of me. I feel after six years that I am finally finding some "me & art" time in fits and starts. But then again, I have largely single-parented. Don't count yourself out yet. Riley was a big surprise for me - not planned but very much wanted. I would say we defied a lot of odds and I am very happy my life has followed this path. Your path is your own. Have a great day and I'm looking forward to seeing some Queen art again.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I had no idea I was so behind and the posts I've missed just keeps going and I just have to keep commenting. You are in baby love and I am in love with all of your new work posted. You are just bursting with magical pieces lately! I love Metamorphosis! And I can already tell I love the one below too! Wow, girl! You're making me drool all over the keyboard making a mess and slippery typing!

Unknown said...