Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When you don't know where to go, just BE where you are.

"Framed" - The gorgeous start of an art journal page.(click to enlarge)

Space framed off with masking tape on blank white page of my journal. Outside edges, orange, red and yellow Golden Fluid Acrylics applied with a make-up sponge. Then I played with a huge variety of stencils and masks from my stash. Touches of Azul Blue craft paint on top applied with bubble wrap, and a "stamp" stencil in the corners. Center rectangle dry rubbed with blue on sponge. Removed masking tape and had fun doing Funky Doodles with India Ink and a fountain pen(my new favorite tool!).

So last night, I sat down in front of this gorgeous beginnings of a really awesome journal page that I had created yesterday afternoon and began to ponder where I wanted to go with it. I played with images from my piles, looked through magazines, took out a sketch book and drew a few things that might work - a woman, a creature, a bird head child, etc...

I just couldn't decide where to go.

I love how the frame turned out ! I so love the depth of the black doodles - that India ink is amazing for that. I love the color scheme too. But what to add to the middle, to finish it...

I just couldn't decide where to go.

Then this morning, I came to the page again. I was thinking about how I would like to finish it and show off the beautiful piece on my blog for my friends to see. Again though, nothing came to me for what to put on it to finish it.

Then the FLASH ! Now is not the time to know ! Now is the time to let the piece BE.

My muse, the universe, my inner artist was giving me a message big time through this process and I finally got it !

When you don't know where to go, just BE where you are .

(Even typing it here makes me sigh with release !)

So I decided to listen to the message. The piece and me, we are gonna just BE.

It's a beautiful day for it ! Happy Tuesday !


Snap said...

"When you don't know where to go, just BE where you are." AMEN!

(Love the start!)

Jennifer said...

I love this. I love the image and definitely need the message. I admire that when you weren't sure you waited...that's a blessing in itself that you waited to know what to do.

deb did it said...

well said. JUST BE.

Lorraine said...

I agree with you dont put anything in it it would spoil it ..it reminds me of a mirror

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

Tumble Fish Studio said...

You are just rockin' the world with your gorrrrrgeous work! This is stunning!

I often have to just walk away from a piece, do something else, sleep on it, look at lots of other people's art, start a new piece, all kinds of things to overcome a "what next" moment. They never seem to just fall together for me. I see people just whip things up like they had every detail in their mind already and I am so envious of that ability.

Anyway, this is just beautiful!

lilylovekin said...

Your journal page is beautiful as is. It is great that you can be comfortable with just being. I'm having a terrible time with that right now.

michelle ward said...

FABulous! BEing in that place of incompletion is when all the good ideas come. sit and listen, take notes....then go color copy this frame and DO IT ALL. ah, BEing is good. thanks for the reminder kim.

Genie Sea said...

I love the openness and simplicity of this journal page. It's like a mirror to the soul.

Not adding anything to it, and letting it be, is genius! :)

Sherry said...

In the immortal "tone" of Mr. Winnie T. Pooh...you are becoming profounder and profounder every day my friend. Shall we walk in the forest and look at the world?

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Love this painted, doodled, warm, fun frame! :-)

Kate Robertson said...


I love this phrase, it speaks to me often. I love the background you made it is beautiful just by itself.