Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big Heart Walking...

art journal page - "Big Heart Walking"
(click to enlarge)

I love this morning.

It is pouring rain here in NH.

David and I are as cozy as can be.

Here's the plan...

Receive the delivery of our brand new Samsung Front Loader, Stackable, Energy Star Washer and Dryer sometime between 10:00 and 2:00 (my first ever brand new appliances!)

Do lots of laundry ! (Why does that sound exciting to me today ? Check back after the third load !)

Make a spaghetti sauce that can simmer all afternoon...

Play in the studio - some gifts to make, some rocks to paint, and some crafty things to get ready to sell at a craft fair in Novemeber

Listening to fine tunes as I play - maybe this or this .....feeling kind of mellow as you can tell ;)

Maybe a little reading and a snuggly nap with my sweet, sweet man in the late afternoon, listening to that pitter patter drip drip outside...

Sounds like heaven, don't you think ?

I am so very grateful for all the wonderful gifts given to me today.

I want to send a big "Thank You !" out to Deb at what's deb doing for her gorgeous love package of goodies that she sent me last week. It had some hand made treasures in it that I just love, love, love ! I will try and set up a nice shot of the treats some time today and share it with you. Thanks, Deb ! You made me feel special, beautiful and appreciated ! What more could a Chickie ask for ?

I hope you Saturday makes your heart feel big and huge !


Sherry said...

I love your journal is so YOU!!!!

And your day? It sounds like bliss...your rejuicing with the family is now spilling over in your home and your appreciation of life seems ready to burst!! ♥

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Funny we can look forward to a good rainy day. I don't know about you, but it's been cold here, I've already started my ritual of hand cream and lip balm and it just end of August. Hello Heart!

Snap said...

Love the page! Send me some rain!


patti said...

Your sister knows you pretty well I would say!

Wonderful page!

Anonymous said...

That journal page is awesome, not only the art, but those words say it all. I love the sound of your rainy day! Rainy days at school are the pitts...too much energy contained in one room! But, oh, at home they're wonderful.

SE'LAH... said...

Thanks for joining the "gift of jewels" project. The more, the merrier.

One Love.