Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Monday in 2010...

It is 2:00pm and I am off to join Chica in this long winter afternoon nap.

Why ?

Because I am grumpy, pms-y, sore back-y, sore booby,

Christmas is over-y, I-hate-wintery, etc...

And also, because

I can.

Before I go, I thought I would share my first art journal page of 2010.

This morning, I gave myself permission to make whiny, grumpy

and even just plain ugly art.

But this is what came out instead...

The Hardest Season - art journal page, January 4, 2010

(Click to enlarge)

I like it.

It felt good to be creating but didn't really change my mood too much in the end...

See the big blob of black ink on the bottom of the left page ?

That happened when I tipped over my bottle of India Ink all over my art journal,

my desk,

my shirt,

the floor,

missed my new slippers though...

There is always a silver lining, right ? ;)

It is cold and very windy out today, but I did my walk with Chica early

so I earned a happy face on my new Illustrated Rumi calendar.

I will bundle up to go to meditation class tonight because I know how much good that sweet practice has been doing me.

So while the grumpy, whiny, bratty Queen isn't my favorite persona to be,

I have to say I like the lessons I am teaching myself as I make it through the day.

Not so bad for the first Monday in January...

Move over, Cheeks, I'm diving in...

Big sleepy, nappy love to you, beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

The perfect way to spend a winter afernoon....sounds lovely!!

I'm loving this journal page...gorgeous colour, beautiful woman and absolutely perfect fitting for this season!!!

Sorry about the spilled ink...there are days like that, aren't there? Best thing to do is smile, clean up and let it go...poof, like blowing snow!! ♥

jgr said...

HI Kim,
I love your page! ink blob and all, I think it adds character. Hope you enjoyed your nap and Chica snuggle.

breathe as me said...

your page is gorgeous, ink stain and all (like it was meant to be there)... and i'm in awe at your capacity for being so inspiring when you are pms-y and all those other 'y's we all know so well...

big love!


deb did it said...

Kim, I love your blobby, beautiful blue page. In art, there are no mistakes! Curl up, slumber, rest and be warmly loved and nurtured.

Sueann said...

I am headed to napland myself!! Just wanted to pop over and say hello. Love your new journal page. It is wonderful!!
Hugs and Nitey nite

Anonymous said...

You should be grumpy, whiny and pms-y more often. Page is beautiful.



LuLu Kellogg said...

This page is beautimous! LOVE IT!

Have a wonderful nappy!


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...


I love your blog, because it is full of love: the dog, the WORDS, the colors, and the spirits...

Keep it up, happy 2010.

Kate Robertson said...


Love the journal page, my favorite colors and the ink spill does not deter from it at all. I did that once with a bottle of Burnt sienna fluid acrylic, had it everywhere. I have just gotten over 3 days of feeling like you are but probably worse. Had to tell myself "You don't have to feel this way" I don't know if that helped but I snapped out of my depression last night and I feel like me again. Hopefully your nap will do that for you too.


Olivia said...

I really love the ink blob, Kim. I love how you highlighted it, instead of trying to hide it. Why hide things? I am feeling this kind of Monday too, so I really enjoyed your post today. Your journal is filled with beauty, as always! Love, O

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I would curl up with that chicklet too. She looks perfectly snug-able. I won't start about the weather, because I won't end and I don't want to give forth to that energy. I hope your meditation group brings you peace tonight.

Snap said...

Well, if this is the art you do when you aren't having a great day ... carry on!!!!!!!!!!

Stay warm and cuddle up!

Betsi Goutal said...

Love the spread - oftentimes cranky art makes for some of the best art. Hope you enjoyed the nap - sure looks like a cozy nap space! Have you read SARK's nap book? It is a seriously awesome read. :)

The ink stain is actually quite nice in it's way, glad to hear it missed your slippers though!

Anonymous said...

I think it's wise to allow moods to run their course. They usually change in time if we let them have their say.

beth said...

how was your nap grumpy pants ?

I love that you are you and honest and funny and lovable and here to make me smile with your words even when you're whining....

we all have those days....mine is on the calendar for tuesday of next week :)

next time you're like you were today...give me a call and I'll try to remember the punch line to a joke and make you laugh, K?


Deb said...

Seems like you had a good day ~ you created incredible art - I so love the blues you used on this page, your ink blob added depth to your art, your new slippers are ink-free, and you got to take a cuddly nap with the cutest puppy - ah, life is good. Thanks for also motivated and encouraging me - mucho appreciated ! Take care.

MB Shaw said...

It is so amazing what happens sometimes, isn't it? Your so-called ugly page is anything but. It is stunning and quite profound. Seems like you reached into a deep place making that page. I like it a lot!

A Miraculous Meliss said...

But you're so cute when you're grumpy - sore booby haha - but I feel your pain. I'm sore too, but that's from doing yoga!

Gosh you're a gorgeous soul!


Judy Wise said...

WOW that journal page rocks!!

Genie Sea said...

If that's the kind of art you produce while grumpy, I'll take grumpy Queen a but more often. :) Just kidding. :) Hope you\re feeling better today :)

Debbie said...

I love a nap. I'm having a hard time getting one these days because the college kids are home and their schedules are wacky!

Roberta said... was the nap??? I think winter days are the best for that! I am loving your journal page...and I love how you worked around the ink that too! I just started working in my journal again, and it feels so good!

Though I LOVE this season, I know that for others it might be a struggle...but as long as you keep looking at the beauty of every day (and I know you do!) will make it!!! Now, you've given me an idea....cold day = nap time :-)

Have a great week, Kim!