Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year News...

So yesterday was New Year's Day ! Welcome to 2010 !

We enjoyed a quiet, sleepy morning here, with my friend Darlene and her boys.

We had a nice breakfast and then hung out for awhile.

Finally around 1:30 pm, Darlene took the boys out to the mall.

David then pointed out to me that I had not done the traditional snow dance of the New Year's morning.

I have to say, I was not really that disappointed and was seriously considering skipping that cold tradition this year.

Well, that was until David pointed out that it would only take "us" a minute to grab the camera and just do it.

"Us" ???

I know that David has joined me in the snow dance on at least one other occasion, but it certainly is usually more my thing than his.

But that he was pushing me to do the slightly outrageous and definitely silly thing that was usually my gig made me step up to the challenge !

Off came the slippers and out we went to the back yard as there was no snow left on the back deck.

Here are the cute lovey-dovey feet shots he took !

I was looking too bed head even though it was 2:00pm so I forbade the full on body shot but you can get the effect of our dance in the freezing cold white stuff from these !

I think they look kind of like a wedding photo of some kind ! Romantic and loony, just like me and my man ! ;)

It was lovely to have my friend Dar and her sons, Chase and Chad with us for a couple of days.

It was also great to have our house back to ourselves today and to enjoy a weekend at home together before we get back to the regular routine on Monday.

I have lots of plans now that the holiday bustle is done.

I want to do a good clean up in the studio - purge and organize.

I plan on continuing my meditation class on Mondays and just signed up for a YogaDance class on Tuesdays. Excited about that !

I want to get back to my art journal so badly as well ! I will probably join Misty Mawn as she does journal prompts for the month of January again this year. I also want to get back to doing the Green Pepper Press Crusade Challenges with Michelle Ward.

I will be participating in the One World, One Heart lovefest again later in January which I am so looking forward too.

I want to organize another meeting of the Squamie girls and play with my arty friends.

I want to work with my Word of The Year - Emerge... and see what art and other creative pursuits it inspires...

I want to spend my precious winter months hibernating in the studio, playing the days away with color and music and imagination.

And you know the best thing ?

I have just the time and opportunity to do all of that and for that, my friends, I am so very, very grateful....

In other news....

This is my 300th post on the Queen of Arts Blog !

Isn't that cool ? To be celebrating 300 as the first post of the year 2010 ? Some strong numerology stuff going on there, I'll bet, with the palindrome date 01 02, 2010, and the fact that 2010 adds up to 3, and it is my 300th post, etc...

What ever the mojo involved, it blows me away to think that I have created this incredible document of a couple of years of my life. I love that I share my heart. That I put myself really out there in as honest a way as I can and that I have been able to connect to so many wonderful people all around the world through just being me. Such a great gift !

So of course, you know that there had to be a little giveaway, a pre-One World One Heart warm-up, if you will, to celebrate the Big 300 !

The Queen will be offering a sweet little prize which will include a bag of Rock My World rocks as well as some other goodies from her stash.

To participate, just leave me a comment on this post with a little bit of bloglove. I would love to hear one thing that you like or appreciate about my blog.

Fishing for compliments ? Hell ya ! Why not ? We are all going to focus on what is right for the year 2010, aren't we ? ;)

I will get the hubby to pick a random number from the comments on Wednesday, January 6th, and then send out a sweet giftie to the winner.

A big load of thanks to all of you, my wonderful Blogland friends, for all the gifts that you have giving me with each and every one of these 300 posts !

Big Love to you, Beautiful Ones, and Happy New Year !


Sherry said...

You are both very brave...and very loony!!! :) But hey, dancing barefoot in the snow is a "safe" way to be a little crazy and THAT I love!!

What do I love about your blog? How about your beautiful art, and your words and how you spread infectious joy with what you say and what you share. I love that you aren't afraid to be yourself...that you revel in it and show all of us that it's not only okay to do that, it's the way it really ought to be.

Congrats on's to 300 more!!! :)

Snap said...

You two are too much! Love the shots. I'll throw my name in the hat for your give-a-way and what do I love about your blog -- YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I just adore the warmth and genuine friendship I find on your blog and I so admire the bravery it took to put your tootsies in the snow! Not me, girlie, no way no how!! :)

Blessings for the new year!!!

Anonymous said...

Some numerology I have studied says
three is childlike creativity.....

And with those toes you and David
certainly have that.

Enjoy your snow tonight and give Chica
a slurpy kiss for me.


Ms_Pea said...

I just recently discovered your blog and am looking forward to going through all of your archived posts (once I finish my semester in 2 weeks). So far what I have enjoyed about your blog is your just seem like a genuine person that I would love to hang out with and be friends with!

You're the kind of person I am striving to become with intention and learning to appreciate the "little things" in life. Your art and creativity is also very inspiring; something that I too would like to pursue in the future.

Thank you for sharing your journey!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Happy 300th post! I just had my 200th on the 1st! The synchronicities continue! Please do come and enter my giveaway, too, if you get a moment. As for what I love about your blog - one thing, you ask for? How can I possibly choose just one thing?! There is SO MUCH I love about it. In fact, there's nothing I don't love about it. It's beautiful to look at, awesomely inspiring and joy-infusing, and as your words always so clearly come straight from your heart, they go straight to mine. Yours is one of my very favorite blogs in blogland!

Now what a lovely feet couple you two are!! That is soooo sweet that you did your traditional dance together this year! Oh, Yogadance! That sounds like good stuff! Can't wait to hear more about that. And good for you on starting meditation classes. That's something I want to start as well. I have got to get in on a GPP class again soon. I really enjoyed the one or two I participated in. Michelle always comes up with great prompts. Mmmmmm...Emerge! Nice word for the year! Mine's Magick. Wishing you a magickal New Year filled with Emerging awesomeness! xoxo Serena

Olivia said...

Congratulations on your 300th post Kim---YAY! That numerology stuff is something, isn't it?

Well, what do I love about your blog? Just to pick a few things: You are transparent and authentic. When I visit your blog I feel like I get to share a part of your life. At the same time your artwork is beautiful and inspiring. It all makes visiting your blog a very personal and uplifting experience. I feel like I know and care about you, and that's amazing to create just through a blog! And you love people through your blog too--you send out love with each post.

Much love,


Kate Robertson said...


Just one thing well that is not possible. I do love your art as it always inspires me, I like that you are so giving, you are the rock fairy after all. I like that you like birds too!. You are brave daring and not afraid to do anything. I love the snow pics by the way. I could see me doing something like that but I haven't yet. I love that you share who you are with everyone. You are one bright shining beacon of light coming into my world. I love that you chose Emerge as its perfect for you. Congrats on the 300th post, and here's to the next 300. Cheers!


Paula said... toes are curling just thinking about that snow dance; goodness but you've got yourself a keeper! Congrats on the 300th post...what I love about this blog is you; it's pure you - wonderful Kim with her support and love. Nothing could be better!

beth said...

I'll throw some blog loving at you, right this very minute and even some regular loving, too...

because you my sweet thing are a breath of fresh air filled with hope and honesty and strength and laughter and I adore you !


Commuter's Journal said...

*stands on table and cheers, throws confetti*

Congratulations, Your Majesty! Long live the Queen!

What a milestone! And I love the New Year celebration with your toe-sicles. SO sweet -- and brave! And the hubby joining in, that was so touching. Believe me, there are a lot of us who are envious that you have a man who would not only encourage but join you. Lucky Queen!

Here's to the next hundred posts. Can't wait!

Sueann said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! 300!! Wowzers!! I just love your blog and enjoy reading it. Your art is fab and your words are always amusing, entertaining and true!!!!!
Thank you

lyle baxter said...

what I like about your blog and you is that you can always make me smile! even when things arent going quite right for you there is a little smile in there! And we can always use more rocks to make toni's patients smile. xxoo lyle

Genie Sea said...

One thing I love about your blog? Only one? The inspiring words, the majestic art, the fun photos, the exploration, the LOVE! :)

henrysmom said...

come snow dance here...except it could be a snow swim...(literally) up to my armpits in the flaky stuff! speaking of flaky guys are just too wonderful! your love is inspiring. Linda

Rita Vindedzis said...

Congratulations on 300 Kim!! Fabulous. What I like most about your blog is that you are so open to sharing your thoughts, your art, yourself.

Jamie said...

Snow Angel Feet!!! Love your photos:) Congratulations on your 300th post Kim!!! What an awesome milestone. Your blog radiates with truth and generosity and You. I come here because I always leave smiling and hopeful and amazed at the journey you are on. It is a joy to watch. Love, Jamie

aliceinparis said...

Oh boy. I lucked in. I wanted to pop by for a visit and landed on your 300th post!
I love the idea of a "snow dance"! Great tradition and I love that the two of you did it together:) Footsie snow angels.
Sounds like a lovely year ahead of you. Emerge is a good word.
Happy New Year!

nolaa gallery said...

here comes the love! What a great blog you have,, just stumbled on it today! Lucky me!
love the footprints in the snow!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

While taking the dog out this afternoon, my feet were in the snow today too. Of course, they were also in socks and a rubber-soled pair of slippers! :)

Congratulations on your 300th post. Your blog is one of a very few that I visit regularly. Why? It's bright, colorful and cheerful. Thank you.


Suvarna said...

Well I have to say that is the sweetest New Years tradition, so wonderful that your man gave you prompts. My favourite thing about your blog is your wonderful sense of humour, I always leave here with a smile. Hope your 2010 is rich in love and happiness.

Anonymous said...

It is easy peasy to say nice things about your blog AND about you. The two things I love most about your blog are: 1. that it is so aesthetically pleasing...the whole thing is just EYE CANDY, and 2. that the content is always positive and joyful. Even when you are having a rough time, you find a positive angle or focus on some aspect of benefit.

patti said...

You guys are nuts to put your bare tootsies out there in the snow! All the better for warming up again by the fire together I suppose :) Hot toddies all round!!

I just luv your exhuberance, your simple, but-o-so-special-rock-love and that you are just like me - an sensitive, soulful, arty, share the love kind of gal.

Happy 300th Kim!! xx

A Miraculous Meliss said...

One thing I like or appreciate about your blog? One thing???? ONE? I can't leave it at that babe! Here's my list:

YOU, You, you!

The way you write, the words you share, the images you create

the inspiration you fill me with every single time I come here

the color you splash everywhere

your beautiful art

the hope you blast out into this world

your smile

your relationship with the King

Your life and the way you open it up to 'strangers'

You make it easier to be my imperfect self and live my imperfect life with a smile cause you are your imperfect self and you live your imperfect life with a smile

Your absolute cute'ness

Your giving and supportive nature

The magick only YOU can bring

The way you keep on truckin'

There are lots of cool blogs out there, but honestly Yours is my all-time favorite - You speak to something on my insides like no one else!

I remember when we first met - looking back then and into the now, I have this to say....

Kim, you really have come into yourself. I can see that very clearly. I am so proud of you. And VERY happy for you. And totally honored to be a spectator of your fabulous journey!

YAY YOU!!!!!!!!

~Long Live The Queen~

deb did it said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR BLOG...your artwork, your honesty, your BIG HEART WALKING... but what I love about YOU is the way you spend your valuable time to respond directly to me and all of your admirers. I hope you have some sort of idea how much it means. OK, and I LOVE YOUR HEART ROCKS....I use them all the time for very special occasions. and I guess I could go on and on...and on....the best part about your blog is that it is all about YOU, the Queen of Arts.

Donna Heart said...

hi! i'm a bit of a newcomer to your little piece of cyberspace, but will definitely be stopping back in here for some creative inspiration! i see a quirky honest take-me-as-i-am free spirit and i love it! as we say here in australia - 'what a rippa!' ;)
x donna

Cheryl Connell said...

Kim, I just like to keep updated :)

I LOVE your journal pages and always enjoy seeing new ones.

Love the rocks too...


Elizabeth Halt said...

What?! You do the snow dance in bare feet?! Ok .. I don't know if I could join in too. My feet doth protest. ;)

Happy merry 2010! I love looking at your art journal pages here. They are inspiring.

Christine Merritt said...

Oh...Oh! - I found you through the adorable Judy Wise and I have a rock story - I'd love to share and to send to you - please please email me!

Thank you for the gift of your precious words - you are a gem!