Friday, March 26, 2010

The Circle of Love is a good place to be...

My lovely Canadian Chickie Friend, Dawn did a post this week called "What makes you Happy ?"
She asked us to tell her our answers and link back to her.

It took me a couple of days, but here is my latest journal page in response to her question :

(click to enlarge)

I have, of course, thought of a ton of other things that I love but didn't include on the page.

One of them is the poetry of Rumi.

Like this quote :

"Come out of the circle of time

And into the Circle of Love."

Have been spending too much time in the circle of time this week,

not to mention too much time in my own head !

This weekend, David and I are off to visit my sister Kristina and her gang in La Conception.

I will be getting me some sweet Love Therapy

from you know who !!!!

Can't wait !

I will be back Monday night !

Hope your weekend is full of what makes you happy !

Big love, Beautiful Ones !


Sueann said...

Have a terrific weekend!!
I know what you mean about spending too much time...especially in my own head! I am hoping to be more open this weekend!!

beth said...

have the best visit therapy is so good, especially in the spring time....

Kate Robertson said...

Wonderful page Kim, Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the love....

Dawn said...

Yay! love your art journal entry of the things you love, Kim. Have a lovely weekend!
Cheers ~

Lisa said...

What a superb idea! It would be hard not to turn to that page and smile.

I ADORE Rumi's poetry...thank you for sharing that.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Safe travel and soak it up!

Commuter's Journal said...

I hope it was a warm, squishy, hug-a-minute weekend with the love therapist, Kim!

gretchen said...

Safe travels, dear one. Love the photo of "you know who"!

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear Kim! Hope you're having a lovely weekend away visiting your sister and family. I know you are! What a beautiful journal response to Dawn's promt! And what a happy little blog, Dawn's is! Thanks for pointing us in that direction. Such loveliness there.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers on my grandmother. I miss her so much. And thank you for your comments on my journal pages! Art journaling is a real life saver.

Lots of love to you! xo Serena

Susan Tuttle said...

cheers to happiness! What a sweet lil munchkin and a lovely page!


patti said...

Reading your blog makes ME happy Kim! Thanks for the journal pages!

SE'LAH... said...

To be showered in love is good life therapy. We all need it.

You're a bright light Ms. Kim.

Bethany said...

fantastic page, love the hearts and circles, great mix. The lettering is a delight.
i love rumi too.
he's taught me so much.