Friday, May 14, 2010

Rocking Stones Gather No Moss...

This was this knobby tree last Thursday when I left it :
When I arrived at the same place yesterday, one week later, all the rocks were gone.
Not only the ones on this guy, but all of the ones I placed on my walk
that I posted about here.
Blows me away...
Some of these were not in obvious places at all !
But someone or some bodies found them all and claimed them.
So very cool.
Imagine finding a rock with a message on it in a tree as you walk ?
Like I said, so cool !!!!
Gotta keep it going so the knobby tree looked like this when I left it yesterday :

I know when you put it out there, it comes back to you in some really fine ways...

Maybe one day, there will be a message waiting for me on the tree.

That would be so cool too. ;)

*****Strange Journal Page ALERT !!!!******

Don't know why she is green.

David said she must be related to the Jolly Green Giant.

I said she was the pretty Green Tootsie that the Jolly Green Giant and the Incredible Hulk fight over...

The phrase "Live brightly" came from a Sun Chips ad.

The words just kind of fit after she came out to play...

Told you it was strange.


I am hoping the playful mood continues as I head off to a Art Friend Gathering of 10 or so New England woman, all of whom have been to Squam so I bumped into them there, but several I am meeting for the first time officially. My buddy Colleen is bringing me into her circle of arty friends, which feels really nice.

We are gathering this weekend for food, drinks, conversation, laughter and some artmaking.

This has been in the works for several months.

I am a little nervous but mostly really excited to let the games begin !

I will be back with photos and details

(unless what happens at Patti's house, stays at Patti's house, of course ! )

I hope you have a playful and creative weekend, Beautiful Ones !


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Have a great time with these new buddies. And, old buddies too, of course!

The way you've cropped the Jolly Green Hottie down into just the folliage and the words would make a good greeting card.


Cindy said...

Oh it sounds like fun, I love how you leave the rocks on the trees. have a fab weekend.

jgr said...

Your rocks are totally cool-and I like your green queen, too. Have a great weekend, I can't wait to read about it.

heather noye said...

Cool! I hope I can find a message rock :)

Anonymous said...

Have a blast and enjoy. I am sure that some day a message will be left for you to find too!

SE'LAH... said...

what am i gonna do with you? you melt my heart. your rocks are beautiful and just what i needed today.

one love.

gretchen said...

When I first read that your rocks were missing from the tree where you lovingly placed them, I was upset; who would be so mean? But it takes a TRUE ROCK FAIRY to see that this actually was the outcome that you were hoping for!! The fact this brings you joy is why YOU are THE Rock Fairy Queen and I for one, still have so much to learn. Thank you for teaching me this lesson in sharing.
Have a wonderful, inspiring time this weekend!
xoxo, gretchen

calej said...

Those rocks remind me of the Easter egg hunts we used to have as kids. We'd put all sorts of drawings and messages on the eggs! It was such a treat to find the nicely done ones by my siblings! :)

♥ calej

Terry Hartley said...

Kim-I love this journal page! Here's a wish I've had for the past several days: You would teach a workshop and I, plus others, would attend and learn all sorts of nifty things so that I could use your techniques and make my own great stuff. A gal can wish, can't she? Oh and we'd eat great food!

Anonymous said...

AllĂ´ Kimie! (the most beautifull and wonderfull friend)
Your Green Tootsie has nothing to do with the Jolly Green Giant, she is the half sister of Shreck. Don't tell anybody because it's a secret.
Shreck mother meet a very nice humain and there she is!!!
Ok I have too much imagination. I will go back to do my felting!


Sueann said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous time! Love the rocks and that they disappeared. So cool!!
And your journal page is terrific!

henrysmom said...

i know what's cooler than finding a rock in a tree...finding one on a wooded path on the way to eat WAFFLES! hope the weekend was a blast...suspect it was!! Linda

Jennifer said...

I love your journal page Kim, not strange at all! I love this post...I needed to hear the part about putting it out there. Catching up on where you've been has been so wonderful and soul stirring!

rachel awes said...

i hit the
heart jack-pot
with visiting
your blog today!
the green woman
& don't find her
strange at all/
in fact, she
feels like home.
i love this
word-rock journey
& love the
painted ones
(& feather)
you received
with hearts!
i adore this
entire delicious pile
of YOU!

A Miraculous Meliss said...

kisses for the rock faerie!


Shelly said...

Now I need to seek out my own knobby tree in my neighborhood put out some happy messages. I bet the rocks won't last long... all of the things we've dropped on our walks seem to get snatched up within hours... so far we've lost tweezers (don't ask), a tiny little stuffed puppy, and a sock.

Hope you had a great artsy weekend!


PocketCT said...

The green is as wonderful as this spring. I'm enjoying your work. So glad I stumbled on it.

decorator fabric said...

A massage from the tree sounds really cool.I like what you're thinking. I love the rocks!