Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, May 3, 2010


Outside my window... I see a cloudy day with temps. that feel like summer. Everything is in BLOOM !

I am thinking...that Monday isn't feeling too bad this week, especially after having such a nice full weekend.

I am thankful for... the fun, spontaneous adventure that Colleen and I had at the Butterfly Place in Westford, Mass. I felt like a kid, full of wonder at the beauty and colors that Nature has put into this wonderful symbol of transformation and creativity. Butterflies ROCK IT !!!

From the kitchen...half-caff coffee is doing it for me in the morning - just enough caffeine to wake me up but avoid the jitters as long as I stick to one big cup. Looking forward to Tacos a la Carbon (Cooking Light Recipe referred by my pal Sonia) - lime, chili powder, garlic and cilantro - what could be better !

I am wearing... a blue night shirt - posting then going to get dressed !

I am creating...some really exciting pieces for an art assignment for possible publication. Whether they get accepted or not (the last one didn't - but I am over that, really, I am... ;) ), I am in love with what came out and also how the process flowed. Very cool and loose - just like freed up creativity should be !

I am going... to package up some rocks today for delivery to Full Spectrum Wellness, the center where I take my meditation class. The Rock My World rocks will be in their entrance room in a lovely bowl for anyone who wants to enjoy the love and maybe even spread it on...

I am reading...and loving Diana Trout's Journal Spilling - Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression. It is so colorful and the techniques and prompts are helping me recharge my art journaling and stay loose which I am really appreciating right now.

I am hoping... that the nice juju I am feeling on this Monday continues throughout the week...

I am hearing... the fan whirling in my window (it is 78 degrees here at 10:00 am !) and the sweet birds all around in the maple trees, enjoying the nesting day.

Around the house...white lilacs in full and delicious bloom, tulips huge and ending their show, nicely raked yards (David, you Rock !!!) and the green...

One of my favorite things...Derwent Inktense Pencils ! My new favorite tool. I cannot believe the color that is held withing these pencils and that fills the page with just a bit of water. Just gorgeous ! Found some at Michaels (they are out now!) one day and got to use the 50% off coupon. Not cheap but the best color since Golden I think ! And you can write over them in anything !

A few plans for the rest of the week: finishing up my art assignment, creating a giftie for my Mom's 65th birthday (her party is next Saturday in Montreal - I am beginning to think they should name the highway after me I travel it so much these days !), Meditation Monday, walks with the doggy and hopefully some sweet friend time thrown in there too.

Here are the pictures for thought I am sharing :

A few of the amazing creatures Colleen and I saw at the Butterfly Place

and managed to capture before Colleen's camera batteries died.

The trip was not planned at all that day and I, of course, didn't have my camera. We shared Colleen's which was fun. Next trip, and there will be a next trip asap, I will have my camera plus a back up battery ! What eye-candy !!!!

My latest journal page (click to enlarge) :

I had fun creating these doodle characters out of some roughly stenciled numbers.

"The Score" (purple face, great hair) reminded me of Mike Score, the lead singer of A Flock Of Seagulls.

Which then reminded me of this song and my oldest friend, Tracy and I, rocking our spiked hairdos and dancing and singing along with our teenage hearts full of teenage angst and longing...

Ahhh, the 80's!

Enjoy the flashback ! Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !


beth said...

i think you are in a terrific place at the moment !!!.....swim in it while it lasts sweetie...swim !

Priti Lisa said...

Hi Kim,
2 quick things:
I popped over here to thank you for the visit to my blog and I have to tell you...
It is pretty and inspiring and don't mind if I follow you, do you?
And secondly
You won one of my pendants :)
Please email me a street address,
as I can't shove the darn thing through the computer :D

Happy Monday Kim!
xoox, Lisa

Anonymous said...

LOVING that inktense color - awesome. You're also inspiring me to make a zoo run sometime soon. I know there is a butterfly building there and probably alot of other good stuff since I was there last (at least five years ago)!

Such a sweet glimpse of your lovely life Miss Kim!!

Olivia said...

How beautiful, Kim! I too am reading "Journal Spilling" right now, a wonderful book. I am ordering the Derwent Inktense Pencils; I've heard about them elsewhere and now am real excited to try them out. Dick Blick here I come! Wishing the Queen some Big Love too, O

Anonymous said...

You are rocking it! Page is beautiful and those butterflies, lovely. Must have been a fun trip.

spindelmaker said...

Thanks for the tip on the inktense pencils, will have to try thm. And thank you for your kind comment on my bird :-) I adore the vibrant colors you use in your journal, I´ve been looking at some older posts too, and they are luscious. This is the kind of book one should look in when days are grey!!
Have a nice day!

Terry Hartley said...

Hi Kim-I always love coming here to look at your bright, beautiful work. My kids live in Pepperell and they just went to the Butterfly Place on Saturday! My son sent great photos. Who knows? Your paths may have crossed! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kate Robertson said...


Oh I love those butterfly pictures. I got my own set of inktense pencils but have not tried them yet. I don't have Diana's book but I have seen quite a few of her videos and they have been great. I love the vibrancy of your journal page.


Hope | Paper Relics said...

love that journal page!

Sueann said...

Oh my! What beautiful butterflies! And your journal page is awesome.

angel said...

Hey girl! How great that you and Colleen got to spend a day together. I love butterfly gardens/sanctuaries. Didn't it just fill you with wonder?
I think I'll have to try those pencils, and I'll be back to see your work on the journal pages. xoxo

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Glad you had an Inktense day!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful Monday! Those butterflies are amazing!

Daisy Buchanan said...

Ahhhhh, Kim, this post is a virtual feast for the senses. Brilliant butterflies and colorful countenances, spicy steak, singing birds, and the synthetic sounds of Seagulls! I know now what I'm having for Cinco de Mayo, thanks to you and Cooking Light.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

There is so much in this post, I don't know where to start! So, I'll just say that I printed out the taco recipe and will try it soon. :) Thanks!